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What Are The Benefits of a Web Gauging System For Manufacturers

July 6, 2020

No matter what sector of manufacturing your company is in, from automotive to medical to consumer products, balancing quality control and manufacturing costs will always be a priority. Manually gauging or visually inspecting products or even small groups can be costly and inefficient. A web gauging system may provide the key to improving quality and productivity without sacrificing efficiency and expense.

How a Web Gauging System Works

An entire toolbox could probably be filled with all the devices used to manually inspect a product. Scales, calipers, and micrometers are inexpensive and versatile, but they also require a human operator. To ensure accurate measurements, the operator must know how to use the tools correctly and make proper alignments to get a good reading. The results may not be as precise as possible and are slow to acquire.

A web gauging system compares one item to a set standard and will show the user whether the item is smaller, larger, or within range of the standard. Gauges require less involvement from a human operator and can work significantly faster and with more accuracy than even the best worker on the line. When it comes to high-volume production runs and tight tolerances, gauges are the way to go.

Improving Product Quality & Productivity

For manufacturers to meet the high quality standards of their clients, gauging is critical to achieving the best results. Web gauging solutions can be configured for a variety of applications that range from fixed-point measurement to multi-scanner systems with complex controls. By providing real-time measurements, a web gauging system will reduce the variances of your flat products and materials during production. You’ll also be able to identify and correct issues such as out of spec materials before they occur. The result is a boost in output yield as the production line can run without interruptions or extended downtime.

Significant Production Savings

Most modern processes cannot run to manufacturing tolerances without the use of gauges. By adding a web gauging system to your production line, you’ll be able to monitor the thickness of your product with extreme precision. This allows manufacturers to maximize the use of raw materials and see significant savings, especially over the long term. A web gauging system also works to reduce defects that lead to the wasting of raw material, labor, energy, and time. By identifying defects in real-time, you can correct problems sooner and minimize waste.

Efficient Production Lines

Quad Plus provides seamless integration of web gauging systems into your existing control system. We also provide the design and build of a scanning frame that is simple and straightforward in design. Our gauging software uses proven control algorithms to reduce startup waste, allow runs that are closer to targets, and reduce the overall amount of material used in production.

Gauging and automation allow manufacturers to reduce labor while improving efficiencies for faster, more reliable production lines with less waste. If you’re ready to boost your production outcomes, then it’s time to partner with our team of qualified experts and technicians who are ready to guide you through the entire process, from initial planning to after-installation support. Contact us to get started today.