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CAD Department Development – A Walk into the Past

March 6, 2017

In recognition of the CAD Department’s distinguished improvement over a very short period of time, Quad Plus was pleased to ask the CAD Team to share their skill development story with Quad Plus website viewers. The CAD Team agreed to provide the website with one post every week where they will tell our readers about the accomplishments and the outcomes of their development. The CAD team will provide as many posts as needed until the story has been told

We hope that you will enjoy reading our story, and please don’t forget to comment, ask questions, or make suggestions. We will be happy to read your comments and address your concerns.

CAD Department Development

A Walk into the Past

Let’s join the walk through the past of the CAD Department and ask all of our questions about the development of electrical projects, from Sales approval to construction and shipment:

We are taking a walk through the years prior to 2014.

As always, the CAD Department at Quad Plus is doing great!

Engineering thoughts and instructions are being translated into schematic drawings using AutoCAD® software.

CAD drawings, no doubt, meet all projects’ requirements and provide a starting point for the shop to develop the back-panel layouts.

Beautiful work!

Wait…what??? The shop develops the back-panel layouts? This is interesting! But why?! What about our CAD team? Is it not skilled enough to provide the shop with mechanical drawings? Is it easier for the shop to do this work? How about the time spent on that? Is it a matter of concern?

Something is not clear. This makes one wonder about many other items that are involved in the development of a project.

We learned earlier that CAD acted as a link between Engineering and the shop, but we did not learn about how that link works. Where does a project start and where does it end? What are the duties and responsibilities of each team?

How about the drawings? What kind of schematic drawings did CAD develop before the year 2014? What happened to the back-panel layout after they were figured out by the shop? Were those layouts ever made into CAD drawings? Do we have examples of those drawings now?

It would be awesome to look at some of those drawings, wouldn’t it? Well, let’s see if the CAD team at Quad Plus can help us answer all those questions.


During our investigation into the history of the CAD department development at Quad plus, we were able to contact individuals from Engineering, CAD, and the Shop. They each provided a lot of valuable information.

Upon discussing the gathered information with the CAD team members at Quad Plus, the CAD team decided to share their story with us:


Very exciting! We can see now that our journey through the history of the CAD department is going to extend a bit beyond our initial expectation. Obviously, there is plenty to enjoy learning about.