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CAD Development – Accuracy with Efficiency

February 28, 2017

In recognition of the CAD Department’s distinguished improvement over a very short period of time, Quad Plus was pleased to ask the CAD Team to share their skill development story with Quad Plus website viewers. The CAD Team agreed to provide the website with one post every week where they will tell our readers about the accomplishments and the outcomes of their development. The CAD team will provide as many posts as needed until the story has been told.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our story, and please don’t forget to comment, ask questions, or make suggestions. We will be happy to read your comments and address your concerns.


Computer Aided Design & Drafting

From papers, pencils, & drafting boards to the digital drafting & design using AutoCAD Software by:


Accuracy with Efficiency

CAD drafters provide technical drawings with detailed presentations of objects such as buildings, machines, devices, tools, or any other objects that can be built & used for real-life purposes.

As with every software, AutoCAD® can be customized by users to include various features and standards.

The more CAD drafters know about the available CAD features & their use, the better and more productive they become at their work.

The CAD Department at Quad Plus aims to fully utilize CAD software while developing standards that meet the company’s needs & work presentation.

In our journey through the CAD Department at Quad Plus, we will learn about the great advantages the CAD team has been taking of the powerful AutoCAD® software, in such a short period of time.

Let’s take a look: Welcome to the CAD Department…

The QP CAD Department’s productivity has improved by over 60% since the year 2014. It has been a remarkable increase that reflected on the entire company’s productivity

But how did this recent change take place in the CAD Department? What happened before the year 2014? Have we learned more about CAD or have we gained more awareness and knowledge about additional CAD features & functions?

We can easily say, “all of the above,” and even more!

Certainly, the rapid change & advancement in the CAD software industry has contributed to the development of the CAD work.

To learn more about how the CAD Department Development reached its current productivity level, we will have to go back to the year 2014. Perhaps, it helps to go even further into the history. We want to show you where our CAD work used to be and where it is today.

Going into the past, we need to keep in mind that the CAD Department is the link between engineering and the shop… shall we begin?