Case Study:

Annual IR Scans Optimize Preventative Maintenance Strategies

Annual NFPA 70B IR Scan Safeguards Adhesive Manufacturer’s Electrical Systems


  • To comprehensively assess the effectiveness and benefits of Infrared Scanning (IR Scan) as a required and crucial element of electrical maintenance and preventative measures within facilities.


  • Outdoor covers were replaced to avoid water/debris inside the disconnect
  • Hot wires were replaced and connections tightened on the disconnects middle phase
  • Torque phase connections were brought to manufacturer specifications
  • Faulty heater inside agitator breaker was replaced
  • Connections were repaired inside the Solvent pump breaker
  • Spliced wire connections were repaired to ensure consistent temperature throughout all wires.
  • Maintenance was scheduled for all facility equipment requiring cleaning to run at efficient capacity

Results and Benefits

  • Avoidance of catastrophic faults that may occur
  • Safeguarding the facility from down time and unnecessary outages
  • Discovering faults that cannot be seen by the naked eye
technician performing an annual ir scan on electrical equipment


An adhesive manufacturing company contracted us to perform their required annual Infrared Scanning (IR Scan) of their electrical equipment. The scan revealed several critical issues that required immediate attention and were seen in various areas across the facility.
The first problem was discovered in the outdoor disconnect unit, operating at 480 VAC. It was found with its covers removed exposing wires to the outside elements. This presented a significant safety hazard that demanded urgent attention.

In another area, the middle phase of the pump disconnect had a problematic wire and connection. This raised concerns about the reliability and performance ability of the equipment calling for prompt intervention to prevent potential disruptions.
Additionally, a loose connection in one of the phases of the transformer feed was identified. This electrical instability had the potential to lead to power fluctuations and operational downtime.

Lastly, in the MCC room, the agitator displayed irregular heating patterns, with two heaters running warm while one remained completely cold. This hinted at possible equipment malfunction requiring a closer examination.

Quad Plus Solution

A comprehensive approach was taken to address the challenges found during this inspection to ensure proper electrical maintenance and adherence to safety measures.

Firstly, the outdoor disconnect unit was promptly secured with new covers to eliminate this hazard. For the problematic pump disconnect, the faulty wire and connection were repaired and replaced, ensuring reliable operation of this critical equipment.

In addition, the loose connection in the transformer feed was tightened to stabilize the electrical supply and minimize the risk of power fluctuations. In the MCC room, the irregular heating patterns of the agitator were resolved, ensuring continued equipment efficiency and safety.

Infrared Inspections Are The Backbone Of Preventative Maintenance

The annual NFPA 70B IR Scan has become a linchpin in ensuring the integrity and reliability of electrical systems. More than just meeting regulatory requirements, this practice has become crucial for businesses seeking to enhance preventative maintenance strategies. By discovering faults that otherwise would be invisible, this comprehensive approach averts potential disasters while fostering enhanced operational efficiency.

This study serves as an example of how a proactive stance taken by our team and customer transformed challenges into opportunities for growth, safety, and sustainability.

Don’t wait until issues become critical. Safeguard your facility, optimize maintenance measures, and ensure compliance with NFPA 70B by scheduling your infrared inspection today.

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