Case Study:

Precision In Energy Maintenance

Mastering Energy Systems for Excellence Through Strategic Maintenance


  • Conduct annual maintenance on various equipment,including breakers and switches
  • Use secondary injectors, Megger and Ductor for trip unit functionality and equipment phase integrity
  • Address and resolve issues like trip unit failures, broken charging switch, and tripping problems
  • Thoroughly clean equipment post-testing
  • Extract oil samples from 6 transformers for comprehensive testing


  • Affix red failed stickers to indicate replacement needed for two breakers with malfunctioning trip units
  • Install a new charging switch on the WL breaker, ensuring seamless manual charging
  • Undertake a thorough restoration process for SBS breakers, involving oiling and cleaning for optimal functionality
  • Advocate for a retest using an alternative secondary injector for SACE breakers; recommended primary injection if retest fails to verify trip unit reliability
  • Rectify charging mechanism for medium voltage breakers, validate resolution through rigorous manual and electrical charging
  • Diagnose and rectify connection fault in a breaker resistant to leaving its case, restoring it to its original state

Results and Benefits

  • Implemented solutions made positive changes in the plant
  • Properly functioning equipment prevented outages and ensured smooth plant operation
  • Maintenance on medium voltage breakers avoided potential catastrophic failures in the main substation
  • Rectified faulty tip units guaranteed proper breaker tripping and validated the coordination study for enhanced safety
  • Retested SACE breakers secured proper functionality, preventing chain reactions, and minimizing damage during faults downstream
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Quad Plus technicians were enlisted for the annual maintenance testing at this energy supplier’s facility, examining 10 medium voltage breakers, 13 low voltage SBS breakers, 15 ABB SACE breakers, 15 low voltage WLs, and 2 switches. Using Secondary Injectors, they ensured the proper functioning of trip units, while using a Megger and a Ductor on each equipment phase to assess integrity. Following the tests, the equipment underwent cleaning before being returned to operational positions. Additionally, oil samples were extracted from 6 transformers for further testing. During maintenance, several immediate and potential future issues arose. In one substation, two breakers were discovered with trip units failing to activate at the designated signal frequency. A broken charging switch was identified in one WL breaker. In the testing of SBS breakers, multiple units were tripping open after being charged. Concerns arose during the testing of the SACE breakers, with four failing to communicate with the secondary injector. In the examination of medium voltage breakers, two exhibited continuous charging without stopping, and one was found stuck in its cell, refusing to come out of its case.

Quad Plus Solution

We addressed identified issues with a suite of targeted solutions. Red failed stickers were affixed to the two breakers with malfunctioning trip units, signaling the need for replacement. On the WL breaker, a comprehensive remedy was applied with the installation of a new charging switch, ensuring seamless manual charging.

Transitioning to the SBS breakers, a thorough restoration process was undertaken, involving oiling and cleaning to reinstate optimal functionality. In the case of SACE breakers, we advocated for a retest utilizing an alternative secondary injector, and in the event of a failed retest, recommended primary injection to verify the trip unit’s reliability.

As for the medium voltage breakers, our technical experts conducted a hands-on intervention, correcting the charging mechanism internally. To validate the resolution, the breaker underwent rigorous manual and electrical charging. Additionally, the breaker resistant to leaving its case underwent a diagnostic, showing a connection fault to the racking mechanism. This was fixed and restored to its original state.

Experience Swift Issue Resolution and Expert Maintenance Communication with Quad Plus

Our onsite testing swiftly addressed and resolved immediate issues, averting potential equipment failures and replacements.

Transparent communication has been key in ensuring the customer is well-informed about all issues and maintenance steps for continued functionality.

Quad Plus brings expertise and excellence for reliability, safety, and top-notch performance with our services.

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