Case Study:

Customer Struggling with Unusable APC

Building products manufacturer had an unusable APC and could not get proper support from the manufacturer.



  • Achieve a functioning APC system.


  • The original installer suggested a hardware upgrade at the customer’s expense to get their APC system running properly.
  • Instead, Quad Plus replaced the customer’s entire system, including APC, with our own solution at a cost slightly higher than just the hardware suggested by the previous company.

Results and Benefits

  • The customer finally has a fully-functioning system after more than a year of efforts from a Quad Plus competitor.
  • Our new system provides more accuracy and better reporting.
  • The customer now enjoys closer-to-target runs and measurable cost savings.
  • We enjoy the satisfaction of a job done right and another happy customer.
case study web gauging customer struggling with unusable apc


A manufacturer of building products contacted Quad Plus for help with an APC system sold and installed by one of our competitors. They worked with the company over a long period of time to fix the system with no results and often could not get a response from them when their systems were down. Ultimately, the company suggested the customer upgrade their hardware to its newest version at the customer’s expense.


Quad Plus Solution

Because the customer was experiencing a great deal of difficulty with their current system with very little or no support from the supplier or installer, we recommended completely replacing their existing system with one from Quad Plus. The customer found this to be a suitable solution as the cost for the entire system was just slightly more than replacing only the main hardware as recommended by the other company.

Once our installation was complete, the customer could finally enjoy a functioning system. Our APC control flattened their product within one hour of turning it on while their previous system had never worked well in over a year of efforts from our competitor. The customer now has a more accurate system with better reporting and is very pleased with the results.

Service and Support you can trust.

Most of the manufacturers we work with provide excellent support, and we know how critical that service can be for a functioning system and a healthy bottom line.

If you’re struggling to receive the service and support you need for your equipment, we can help. From upgrades and integrations to repairs and replacements, we can make sure you’re getting the most from your line so you can meet your targets efficiently.

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