Case Study:

Emergency Repair of 8 Drives

PPE Manufacturer Had 8 Siemens MasterDrive Units Fail Simultaneously



  • Emergency repair of 8 Siemens MasterDrive Units for PPE manufacturer.


  • Upon inspection, all 8 drives were found to have open fuses resulting from a power surge.
  • Replaced all 8 fuses with parts from our onsite inventory.
  • Tested all units for proper operation.
  • Offered backup drives to prevent extended shutdowns in the event of future drive failures.
  • Recommended field service for inspection of incoming voltages and motor applications to prevent future interruptions.

Results and Benefits

  • The customer received the fastest possible repairs to their drives.
  • PPE production was able to get back online in the shortest amount of time.
  • The customer was delighted with our expedited service and with our recommendations to prevent future production interruptions.
case study emergency repair of 8 drives ppe manufacturer had 8 siemens masterdrive unit fail simultaneously


A U.S. company specializing in fields of industry, worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods had an urgent need to repair eight Siemens MasterDrive units, which all failed simultaneously. The breakdown occurred during the high surge demand for personal protective equipment in the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the manufacturer needed their line up and running as quickly as possible. The customer chose to personally transport the drives from their plant in Iowa to Quad Plus to facilitate the fastest possible repair.

Quad Plus Solution

Because of its designation as an essential business, the Quad Plus facility was working at full capacity throughout the many closures across the country. We also carry an abundant inventory of parts in stock and have many resources and vendors who can supply additional parts on short notice when needed. This allowed the customer to have the confidence they needed to bring their emergency repairs to us.

Upon inspection of the drives, we found that all eight of the drives had open fuses due to a power surge. We had all the fuses in stock and were able to replace them and fully test the units for proper operation immediately. We provided recommendations for obtaining spare drives to the customer as well as field service for inspection of their incoming voltages and motor applications to prevent future production interruptions.

The customer also required space to continue working and communicating with their customers and production facility while we were repairing their drives. Due to the critical nature of their business, we were happy to supply one of our conference rooms to serve as a temporary office for the customer while he waited.

When You Have No Margin for Error

Many of our customers work in high-demand markets producing equipment that is essential to the health and safety of our communities. When there is no time for downtime, when there is no room for error, you need the best of the best to get up and running again.

The experts at Quad Plus have decades of experience repairing virtually all types of drives and in every industry, including yours. When speed and accuracy are everything, we’ve got you covered.

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