control systems for converting machines and web handling lines

Expert Solutions from Planning to Support

Quad Plus is an industry leading system integrator providing motors and controls for production machines and web handling lines in the converting industry. We offer complete solutions: from end user required automation system retrofits, OEM required electrics to field services that can include machine control optimization.

control systems for converting machines and web handling lines

Why Quad Plus?

Our system-oriented approach and our application expertise means you get an optimally engineered solution on converting production machines and processes. Our experience and empirical methods of measuring process variables allow us to design and supply the automation control you require. We will engineer, design, program and install automation systems from the ground up for your retrofit requirements. This includes mechatronic reviews, line optimizations, speed increases, and system field services. We support systems onsite or remotely to keep your operation up and running. In addition, we partner with control system parts manufacturers to ensure fast sourcing and fair pricing.

Converting System Solutions

No matter what converting market you are in, we can help. Our engineering and service team has the expertise to build, power, and maintain every system from the simplest to the most complex. From casting, extrusion and laminating lines to high-speed continuous coaters, Quad Plus has the record and experience.

electrical control systems for converting applications

Proven Automation Design

There are certain methods of control for all web handling applications known as “sectional control.” Some of these are tension control, electronic gearing, positioning, various torque controls, and turreting winder algorithms. Our team can specify when these controls are implemented and with due diligence of the mechatronics and web handling scheme, determine the sectional control necessary.

converting system solutions cabinets and controls for automation

Machine Control and Automation

After determining the sectional control type that is needed, the correct automation product is selected to handle the high-speed demands of the system. The drives and automation products are all standard devices that are user-friendly and selected with the customer’s specifications in mind. End-user equipment standards and preferences are an important requirement for automation product selection.

integrated control systems for converting industry

Integration Services

On retrofits, we work with your staff to upgrade your existing control system, which requires not only the knowledge of the existing controls but current control concept standards. With OEM systems, our control team must work with their electrical and mechanical team in order to get the look and feel the OEM expects to provide to their clients.

repair and service on converting control systems and solutions

Premium Support

We provide secure, remote diagnostics and on-site service and repairs. That means faster troubleshooting and less downtime. Plus, we partner directly with control systems parts manufacturers to save you time and money.

tension control system engineers for converting industry

Tension and Motion Control Technology

During the converting process, either closed or open loop controls are used for web handling. Closed loop systems use load cell or dancers to control speed and torque to obtain desired tension set point. Open loop controls do not use feedback devices, but can still obtain desired tensions by using operator controlled motion controls or torque controls. Our team of control system, expert engineers can help you achieve the desired results by adjusting the controls on your converting system.

Line Optimization and Speed Increases

Quad Plus engineers and technicians have a long history of optimizing coating and converting lines. Recalibration of controls, using mechatronics and empirical measurements, are necessary to ensure the line is running at optimal speed while maintaining the highest levels of performance and quality possible.

We start by assessing the gear in mechanics and the HP capabilities of the sectional control and then make recommendations to improve their performance. Next, the team will analyze the drive section and measure the reflected inertia on the shaft of the motor, making adjustments based on the findings. Finally, we will re-tune the outer loops, as necessary, to achieve a good solid tension control with minimal deviations.

Line Speed increases are similar to Line Optimization, but on the front end, we will review the mechanics and process variables to see if the machine can attain a new speed.

optimizing processing your control system

Converting Process Expertise

Quad Plus has the expertise in web handling and control systems and the process knowledge to help you with all of your converting requirements. Our proven experience will help you choose a lead (master) section, define tension zones, recognize and determine the need for drive control modes. Our process engineers are knowledgeable in delivery, batching, and dryer systems.

proper calibration of converting control system for a consistent coating


Quad Plus professionals are skilled in control systems for coating applications. We have experience engineering and commissioning many high speed coaters up to 1200+ mpm (3900+ fpm).



Quad Plus will ensure smooth application of laminate during the converting process. Our specialty is the installation and calibration of “lay flat” controls to eliminate wrinkling, improve quality, and reduce cost.

converting extrusion control system engineering


Our process control engineers have the skills to fine tune your extrusion and extrusion laminating lines. To control the extrusion process, our team will design and adjust both control concepts and sectional controls.

converting process includes slitting the final product using industrial controls


Whether the final product is film, foil, or paper, the slitting process allows bulk rolls to be slit into narrower rolls. Control concepts, sectional controls, and sequencing are used to deliver the best performance during this demanding step.

converting process includes winding the final product using industrial controls


The Winding and Unwinding process on any converting line is one of the most critical applications. Our engineers have the training and process experience to implement the tension control regulation and programming required for the winding process.

converting industry cabinets and industrial control systems

Technical Abilities

The Quad Plus philosophy is high specification standards and high control standards. Our experts undergo specialized training to meet those expectations including Quad Plus techniques to understand web handling. We have the in-depth knowledge of manufacturer settings and controls to correctly calculate tolerances and tension so the quality of the process is consistent regardless of the materials.

The lead startup engineer on your converting system will have been part of the design and programming team. It is critical that they are involved throughout the process to ensure the startup goes smoothly. To learn more, please visit the Commissioning page.

Winding and Unwinding

Stopping, slowing, or shutting down are not options. Quad Plus understands that machine speed and tension must be continually running at the same speed and tension as the normal line when changing rolls. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of feedback devices such as dancers, pendulums, load cells, and encoders to control the splice, speed, and tension. The result is better performance with no downtime.

winding and unwinding without stopping the converting control system and drive machines
case study new line unable to run at capacity non-woven manufacturing facility line not able to achieve full line speed

New Line Unable to Run at Capacity Case Study

A brand new line still in the acceptance testing phase presenting persistent system faults means a systematic evaluation of the entire system, installation, and programming. After confirming a clean installation, properly terminated leads, correct motor cables, a well-designed cabinet, and a correctly installed Fieldbus, the inspection turned to the encoder feedback. Switching noise was detected, along with the fact that the encoder was wired for unipolar operation, a method not ideal for heavy industrial applications. Once the encoders were rewired and the system reconfigured, the customer was able to operate at full capacity.

At Quad Plus, we understand that testing and verification are a critical part of any installation. Engineering and design skills are only the beginning; our expert-level troubleshooting and diagnostics are also on standby, no matter what kind of trouble you are facing.

Services Available

Quad Plus offers a wide variety of services to assist you no matter where you are in the system integration lifecycle. For new builds, we offer design and project management services, for existing plants, we can make your operation run smoother and more efficient. For plants with obsolete control systems, we can assist with retrofits and upgrades. No matter your business need, we have you covered!

automation system integration life cycle

Let’s Get to Work

At Quad Plus, we understand your need to increase productivity and reduce downtime without sacrificing quality. Our team of expert engineers will analyze your converting control system to identify areas to improve and create a plan to make those changes with minimal interruptions to your production lines. With 30 years of experience in the system integration industry, you can rely on our solutions and support to keep your operations moving.

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