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E-House Technology

June 30, 2023

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The e-house industry is growing at a 6.83% growth rate. The fastest-growing market is Asia Pacific; North America, however, is the largest market.

The Basics of an E-House

An E-house is a custom pre-fabricated piece of infrastructure built off-site. These e-houses, specifically those with built-in controls, are delivered pre-tested for installation at their final location. Companies that create these structures ensure rigorous testing for performance, safety, and other measures, ensuring that they are fully functional and ready to be utilized upon delivery.

Industries use these structures to expand their facilities strategically and efficiently. E-houses offers many benefits to businesses. It can help lower procurement costs and reduce risks associated with project engineering and management. Additionally, it can increase on-site project predictability.

The Benefits of an E-House

Many industries benefit from an e-house and should be aware of the advantages it offers. Incorporating e-houses into projects can bring efficiency and ease, particularly in environmentally challenging conditions.

E-houses have many advantages. These include customization, solutions that meet industry standards, sustainable construction, and improved operational excellence (efficiency, productivity, and quality).

Tailor-Made Enclosures Built to Meet Your Needs

The advantage of working with Quad Plus on designing and constructing your e-house is our tailor-made approach.

Well-designed e-houses work because they are flexible, modular solutions customized to fit your needs. Our e-house provides reliable system solutions.  We offer a single point of contact for all our customers.

E-houses can be designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They provide protection for the equipment necessary to upgrade your machinery, factory, or plant. This helps to revolutionize your capabilities.

Engineers design your e-house to ensure you have everything you need. This will help you push your company towards scalability and gain a competitive advantage.

Battle-Tested Infrastructure and Quality Assured

In addition to meeting the specifications, our team pre-fabricates your e-house based on your industry standards and specific needs. Before shipping or delivering the structure to you, we conduct extensive quality control checks to ensure its performance in real-world conditions.

Applicable components are thoroughly tested, which may include Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, carbon monoxide monitors, fire alarms, plumbing, drainage, and electrical systems. Testing your system this way results in fewer liabilities and ensures it’ll hold up against even the worst conditions. Please note that while some of these components may be included, the specific sub-systems supplied within our E-Houses may vary.

Quad Plus caters to industries like cement and mining, rubber and plastics, and primary metals, to name a few. These industries deal with harsh environments and the potential for accidents. A sound infrastructure means prioritizing safety, health, and environmental concerns.

We Take Standards and Codes Seriously

Businesses that rely on e-houses must maintain that infrastructure is up to code. Our engineers design your structures with your local and national codes in mind. Final testing focuses on overall system solutions that meet or exceed the standards set in your industry and location.

Code violations are costly to your budget and can get your operation shut down. Quad Plus has deep knowledge of the industries we serve. Our engineers are familiar with the codes and standards in each. The e-houses are pretested at our facility before we deliver them to their final location.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Any Industry

Flexible, modular solutions, like e-houses, are cost-efficient and space-saving solutions. Customizing your design ensures your project requirements are met exactly. This reduces installation and startup time and leaves you with a system ready to operate. There is less trial and error, when your system is delivered, and the work is streamlined.

The result is a structure in sync with what you need to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality for your project.

E-House Solutions: A Worthwhile Investment

At Quad Plus, we are devoted to giving you the best solution to meet your project’s requirements.

E-house technology does just that. Our e-houses are built and thoroughly tested at our facility before being shipped to you. When you partner with us, you get the combined benefits of experienced engineers and a fully assembled e-house that results in product predictability.

Our e-house solutions include:

  • Flexible design and tailor-made solutions
  • Created to fit your location and designed for space limitations, but not growth limitations
  • Sub-floor or raised tray design available
  • Safe designs that include electrical arc flash, fireproofing, and insulation
  • Alarm and fire suppression systems are available

You control structure specifications, from the square footage to the features included in your control centers. How are we future-proofing infrastructure for your business? Quad Plus is a tech-driven, customer-focused team determined to deliver comprehensive, customizable solutions.

E -House Partnership

Take advantage of this expansion by allowing Quad Plus to partner with you on incorporating an e-house in your project.

Quad Plus provides the systems solutions you need. To discuss the next steps, contact us, reach us on our website, or call (844)251-7823.