Save Space and Downtime with the Flexibility of an E-House

e-houses are custom-engineered enclosures ready to house a broad array of electrical and automation equipment

E-houses are custom-engineered enclosures ready to house a broad array of electrical and automation equipment without requiring major changes to your floor plan or infrastructure. We construct and fully test each unique e-house at our facility before delivering it to your site for maximum installation efficiency.

e-houses are custom-engineered enclosures ready to house a broad array of electrical and automation equipment
e-house can be delivered to your site

Why Choose an E-House?

E-houses allow you to get a complete package. We build your e-house at our facility to your specifications, test it to ensure proper operation, and then deliver it to your site.

Environmentally challenging conditions can make it difficult to keep your sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment safe. An e-house is a simple, straightforward way to achieve this, all with faster installation times, flexible designs, and useful additions such as HVAC, alarm, and fire suppression systems.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

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Shipping Container

We can repurpose a sea-worthy shipping container and modify it to be used as an e-House. These structures are not restricted in length; we have provided these as long as 80 feet and designed them as long as 100 feet.

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Purpose Built

Our e-houses are designed with your needs in mind. Standard options can help get you started, but each construction is built for your unique purposes.

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Control Centers and Site Offices

Using either a container or purpose-built style structure, we create an operator station with the components you need. For example, a simple desk, full office, bathroom, or even a kitchen can be included.

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On-Site Labs

Similar to a Control Center or Site Office construction, we can design a laboratory that meets the needs of your site or production requirements. This can be a cost-effective way to create a safe, secure location for testing and equipment indoors or out.

Electrical House Features

e-houses can be customized to meet your needs

Flexible Designs

Built to fit your space.

Enjoy more flexibility with your floor plan and get the right protection for your sensitive equipment with e-houses customized to fit your location.

Faster Installation

Prefabricated, tested, and ready for delivery.

Your e-house is constructed in our facility with equipment pre-installed and wiring completed. Your systems are fully parameterized and factory acceptance tested before shipment to speed up installation and reduce startup time.

Customizable Features

Choose options that make sense for your location.

Choose from a sub-floor or raised tray design and with HVAC installed or ready for you to add HVAC. We also offer alarm and fire suppression systems for maximum protection.

Durable Protection Solution

Rest easy, knowing your equipment is safe.

From tough environmental conditions to remote locations and other problematic areas, enjoy long-lasting, weather-ready electrical houses ready for your daily challenges.

e-houses can be customized to meet your needs
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“I need this installation to go right the first time.”

There is no room for costly errors.

Tight deadlines, exacting specifications, and tough conditions are what we built our business on. Plus, we have experts with experience in nearly every industry.

Low-risk, straightforward solutions.

Your e-house will be assembled by our qualified experts with years of experience. We test every component before shipping to reduce risk and help ensure a smooth, cost-effective installation.

Expect exceptional results.

Quad Plus is a global leader in providing comprehensive, customized solutions that will have you up and running faster. Then, we’ll make sure you stay up and running with the parts and repair expertise you can trust.

The convenience of an e-house; the expertise of Quad Plus.

You need reliable power solutions that are flexible, tailored to meet the exacting specifications of your project, and ready to stand up to extreme environmental conditions.

We’re ready to deliver your custom-fabricated e-house with all your control, distribution, and automation equipment expertly integrated, tested, and ready to install.

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