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Announcing Enhanced Capabilities for Web Gauging Systems

October 18, 2020

We are excited to announce our new vertically integrated services for gauging measurements for extrusion, coatings, calendering, converting, and paper production lines. The hardware and software included in our web gauging systems include a scanning frame custom-built for the specific line, web gauging sensor technology ideal to the application, and web gauging system software with proven control algorithms. Utilizing our extensive process knowledge and commitment to highly efficient installation and commissioning practices, we can design and implement these online thickness gauging solutions with minimal interruption to production lines and with optimal performance configurations.

Balancing quality control and manufacturing costs will always be a challenging priority, no matter what manufacturing sector a company is in, and manual measurement or visual inspection of products can be costly and inefficient. “Automated web gauging systems provide the key to reduce startup scrap, enable closer-to-target runs and raw material savings,” explains Josh Gibson, Quad Plus Senior Engineer. “For example, in tire production, a typical plant might allow as much as a 0.025 reduction in gauge, resulting in over $1.2 million in annual savings.”

“Tightening competition among end-users has driven the need to automate manual processes, cut operating costs, and adhere to strict sustainability standards,” says John Crosetto, Chief Executive Officer of Quad Plus. “To thrive in this new climate, manufacturers need to modernize machinery without making large capital investments that take years to reach project payback.” Automating continuous thickness measurement methods with a web gauging system allows for equipment digitalization that yields positive financial benefits quickly through improved throughput of in-spec product and waste reduction from real-time issue identification.

To learn more about our gauge measurement automation services, visit our Web Gauging Systems page or contact us at (815) 740-0860 today!

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