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Diagnostic and Troubleshooting

Production is down. You're losing money by the minute. Get your equipment back online with professional, expedited electrical diagnostics. We are strategically located throughout the country so we can arrive at your location quickly.

Identifying the source of your issue can be difficult. No matter the source of your unplanned downtime, troubleshooting with experienced engineers results in pinpointing the cause of your issue. It’s about troubleshooting your entire system: drives, HMIs, machines, motors, PLCs, and process instrumentation so the correct solution can be implemented. 

Our field technicians are manufacturer trained, supplied with the OEM diagnostic software, and have access to original OEM documentation, including manuals, literature, and schematics. OEM manufacturer training, including Siemens, Rockwell, and ABB, allows your issue to be expertly diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible.

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industrial field service to troubleshoot your entire system

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Industrial Services

With access to original OEM documentation, including manuals, literature, and schematics, your issue can be expeditiously diagnosed. Because our manufacturer trained field service technicians have the experience and diagnostic software to troubleshoot electromechanical issues, we approach the diagnosis faster, and with better results. Results that ultimately affect your bottom line.

On-Site Emergency Troubleshooting

minimize downtime by diagnosing AC drive problems

Restoring functionality to your operations is critical. You're losing money with every minute of downtime. This is why we use every resource available to diagnose what is causing your machine not to run. Once the issue has been identified, our manufacturer trained technicians provide options for repair or replacement.

Remote Diagnostics

minimize downtime by diagnosing AC drive problems

For our existing customers, remote diagnostics may be available for your issue. This will allow our technicians to arrive on-site with the correct tools ready to complete your diagnostic, resulting in faster repairs and less downtime. Results that ultimately effect your bottom line.

Preventative Maintenance

repair your low voltage circuit breake

Your equipment won't run forever. Stop unplanned production interruptions before they occur with preventive maintenance services. By using the most experienced field service provider in the industry, you will have peace of mind knowing your equipment can be diagnosed and repaired before unplanned downtime occurs.

Get Production Running with Emergency Equipment Diagnostics and Repair

Diagnosing your issue and quickly sourcing replacement parts yourself can be tricky. An experienced industrial machine repair company can save you precious production time by knowing exactly what's wrong, how to fix it, and having the resources to do so.

Your production can be back online quickly, saving you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. With our experienced emergency repair technicians, you have someone to rely on. We understand the urgency of your issue and have the expertise to get production back up and running.

Our technicians have seen it all, from VFD faults to PLC issues. As a single-source industrial field service company, we have a vast array of expertise. From our NETA-certified technicians that can diagnose power distribution problems to PEARL-certified circuit breaker professionals skilled in rebuilding your faulty circuit breakers, we have the knowledge to diagnose, repair, and eliminate drive and control issues from your production line.

All Your Industrial Equipment Repair Needs Resolved Quickly

Once your issue has been identified, our technicians travel worldwide to get servo drives, systems, and controllers back to full functionality. We offer repair services for AC and DC drives, power services, circuit breakers, and many other electromechanical issues .

AC and DC Drive Repair

AC and DC drive failures can be costly and part sourcing can have long lead times. We inspect a DC or AC VFD unit for defects by using a complex series of tests and industrial application simulations. As authorized and qualified service providers, our technicians will respond and resolve your issue quickly to get your drives, systems, and controllers back to full function.

drive repair services

Power Services

Power distribution and switchgear equipment is critical to the infrastructure of your business. With years of experience, we have the expertise to provide high-quality, streamlined power service repairs for an enormous array of electrical assets. You can rely on us for quality repairs of equipment such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, protective relays and switches. We have NETA-certified and PEARL-certified technicians who are experts with low-, medium-, and high-voltage applications.

Industrial Circuit Breaker Repair

Once a diagnosis has determined a circuit breaker is the issue, we will deliver your circuit breaker to trained and PEARL-certified breaker technicians that provide 24/7 emergency repair services. We offer rental circuit breakers to maintain the integrity of your operation when necessary, and a one-year warranty on all serviced breakers. When you need the best of the best for emergency industrial circuit breaker repair and retrofit, we are the right choice. 

We Understand Your Sector

Our manufacturer trained engineers stand out from the crowd because of their wide range of knowledge in multiple industries. Our engineers have extensive experience with thousands of control systems and production lines. All adding up to being the most knowledgeable service provider out there.

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End Your Unplanned Production Interruption.

By using the most experienced field service provider in the industry, you will have peace of mind knowing your diagnostic will not only identify the issue, but also provide the right repair solutions. Experience means we approach your solutions faster, and with better results. Results that ultimately effect your bottom line.

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