Drive, Control, and Circuit Breaker Repairs

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Industrial Machine Repair You Can Depend On

A halt in production due to equipment failure is one of the worst-case scenarios. You have deadlines, and you have quotas. You have customers expecting for their orders. What you don’t have is time to wait for a lengthy repair process.

You need reliable repair services from a company that:

  • Takes emergency calls at night, on weekends, or on holidays.
  • Has the manuals, guides, and schematics to accurately repair equipment.
  • Has the expertise and experience to make repairs in your complex environment.
industrial field service diagnosing drive call to action

You Can Rely on the Experience of the Quad Plus Crew

Qualified, Competent, Quick Industrial Machine Repair

Onsite Support

Our industrial machine repair technicians can be dispatched to your location to provide onsite support. Before heading to your site, the technician will gather information and attempt to diagnose issues remotely. That way, your technician to arrive onsite with the correct tools and parts to complete the repair. Our goal is to provide quick solutions with less downtime.

Remote Support

Remote support sessions allow us to connect to your control systems to gather information, system alarms, and fault codes. We can then review the information and make recommendations. For new customers, our senior engineers must complete the qualification process before we can connect to your systems.

Industry Trained Experts

Quad Plus technicians are manufacturer trained, specifically Siemens and ABB. We have exclusive access to original OEM documentation. That gives us the ability to expertly repair issues with your systems according to the manufacturer manual and schematics.

Repair Shops

Some circuit breaker and drive repairs will require more work. These repairs can be brought back to our repairs facilities and expedited to get them back into service quickly.

qualified, competent, quick industrial machine repair

Solve Your Industrial Repair Problems

Drive Repair and Health

Be Confident with Repairs

Our team will keep your AC and DC variable speed drives (VSD), air compressor variable speed drives, and wind turbine drives in top condition. We can bring offline drives back up or create a proactive maintenance plan. Once a repair is completed, your drives are stress tested to ensure safe operation. We keep your drives up and running for longer.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Protect Your Crew & Equipment

Quad Plus offers repair and service for low and medium-voltage circuit breakers. Your damaged circuit breakers can be repaired or refurbishments provided. We can also retrofit old machines with new technology and create a preventive maintenance schedule for your breakers. That way, your crew and equipment are protected.

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diagnose and repair drive problems

Legacy Controls and Drive

Keep Your Old Equipment

When manufacturers stop supporting parts, drives, and controls, you may feel left in the lurch when something goes wrong. We have a vast inventory of parts. If we cannot acquire or repair a component, we will research a direct equivalent or even remanufacture parts using original specs. The Quad Plus technical team will pick up the repair and service where manufacturers left off.

Technical Support Services

Get Your Questions Answered

When you have issues with your control system, our technical support team will work through your problems over the phone or by email. We can review fault codes, photos, and descriptions of the situation. Then, we can send recommendations and documentation to resolve your problems. We will point you in the right direction to get back up and running.

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Your Industrial Machine Repair Partner

Downtime is far too costly.

Who can you call who will know your systems? When the manufacturer says it’ll be weeks for repairs, what can you do? Or, worse, when they no longer support your old equipment? You need to get back to work. You have deadlines to meet, customers to supply, and quotas to meet.

A Partner Invested in Your Outcomes

You are the expert in what your company produces. We are experts in keeping your production equipment up and running in top condition. Together, we can solve unexpected causes of downtime, optimize performance, improve safety, and save on costs.

Your Problems, Solved

Quad Plus provides expert onsite services and remote support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to solve your problems quickly and in the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective way. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty on all equipment repairs and services performed by our team.

24 Hours a Day. 365 Days a Year.

Quad Plus has the tools, ability, and years of experience to accurately diagnose problems with drives, controls, and circuit breakers. Our resources include manuals, guides, and schematics that give us the troubleshooting and repair advantage. Our experts know OEM controls and circuit breakers, including Siemens, Westinghouse, GE, ABB, Square D, Allis-Chalmers, Eaton, and Rockwell. Many also have direct experience and relationships with manufacturers.

Our team is available for expert onsite services and remote support all day, every day. Quad Plus is more than just repair and service experts. We provide all the services in the system integration lifecycle to our local and global customers. We’re your trusted partner for multi-discipline professional engineering, power services, system integration, and industrial safety.

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Old-Fashioned Pride in a Job Well Done

We may work with the latest technologies and bridge old equipment into the modern workplace, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t hang on to a few old-fashioned values. One of them is taking pride in a job done the right way and another happy customer.