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comprehensive risk assessment and risk mitigation plan

Quad Plus provides consulting for industrial machine safety across many industries. We will work closely with you during our three-step safety review which includes a comprehensive risk assessment and creation of a risk mitigation plan, along with testing and validation to ensure the safest production environment for all staff, especially machine operators. Our safety professionals will assess and document functional safety opportunities within your operation. We will recommend engineering solutions to resolve operator safety issues and address administrative safety solutions including signage, personal protective equipment, and training.

Why Quad Plus?

Simply complying with OSHA standards can still leave you legally vulnerable. Quad Plus has extensive experience with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards and our Safety Review will show due diligence on your part and could serve as an important element of a legal defense in the unfortunate event of a mishap. We provide much more than industrial safety; we offer all the services in the system integration lifecycle to our local and global customers. Quad Plus is a trusted provider of multi-discipline professional engineering, power services, system integration, and repair/service.

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What We Do

Risk Assessment

reduce risk to industrial system operators

Prevent future problems with a safety review that can be performed before upgrades, for new line installations, before retrofits, or after accidents. We will work closely with the customer and create a list of prioritized hazards to be remedied in order to reduce risk to operators.

Risk Mitigation

minimize risk for your industrial manufacturing equipment and your operators

We will work with you to develop a specific plan for your automatic protection systems to minimize the risk of likely human errors, hardware failures, and environmental and operational stresses. While, also ensuring, that productivity is not negatively impacted by safety.

Safety Validation

after commissioning validation audits

After commissioning, we perform testing and validation audits including sign off and lockdown of safety PLCs to prevent unauthorized programming changes, ensuring that the machine continues to run in a safe manner.

Risk Assessment

review potential risks that can impact manufacturing productivity

We will collaborate with you to form a Peer Risk Assessment Team. This group, including equipment operators, is established to provide a multi-disciplinary team that can review specific hazards from several angles and will assign a required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) to score each of these areas so that the hazards and risks can be correctly mitigated. The result is solutions that work for you and your team; we strive to ensure that safety never negatively impacts productivity. This Peer Risk Assessment Team will compile a document that will serve as a roadmap for the rest of the Risk Mitigation process.

Risk Mitigation

identify hazards and generate truth tables for risk mitigation

Quad Plus will work with you and your team to develop a specific action plan to minimize operator safety risks for you and your team. We will create hazard maps to identify areas of concern, create risk mitigation strategies for each identified hazard, and assist in developing muting zones to aid in increasing productivity. We then generate truth tables and functional descriptions to clearly define the intended functionality of each piece of safety hardware, which will help the project integrator with correctly programming the safety PLC to ensure that the safety hardware is both programmed and utilized properly. Proper use of engineered control measures can even allow for the replacement of LOTO procedures with muting zones, allowing more streamlined work practices in addition to increased safety. The system performance and specific safety strategies are then approved by you, the client.

Safety Validation

physically testing machine state in all points validation

Our team will travel to the production line and perform a step-by-step validation of hardware and functional safety to ensure that they match exactly with the intended performance decided upon during the Risk Mitigation process. This involves physically testing machine state and ensuring that the expected outcomes are observed. If not, the process is started over until all points pass validation. AOPDs (active optoelectronic protective devices), such as safety light curtains, will be individually validated, all emergency stop functions will be checked, and a final peer review will be conducted to provide proof of consensus from all involved parties.

Full Risk Assessment Case Study

case study full risk assessment consumer goods compnay needed help following an osha audit

Following an injury event, this customer faced an OSHA audit and needed a full risk assessment of their equipment line. The injury occurred in an area that required operator interaction to unload a finished roll from a winder while another continues winding. To provide safe access, a muting zone with an area scanner and light curtain was implemented, rather than the standard but cumbersome lockout-tagout procedure. In this case, the operator would use a Request Access push button to enter the area safely, while the light curtain provided a failsafe emergency stop if breached. The result was not only safer access to the area, but also a streamlined procedure that increased production volume.

This project showcases the benefit of having Quad Plus engineers with decades of experience who can go beyond the minimum requirements for a customer to deliver comprehensive solutions that address the entire problem, not just immediate needs.

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Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our engineers have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your industrial control systems and production lines.

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Quad Plus Safety Experts

With every operation, safety is always the top priority. Go beyond OSHA requirements for risk mitigation to ensure that your workers are protected while they’re on the job. The Quad Plus comprehensive safety team has the industry experience and expertise to assess your risks, and solve safety issues efficiently. Once your operation is optimized, we’re here to support your system should any problems arise.

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