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Large Drive Division Sold 100th Shredder Drive

April 9, 2018

Industrial application and services company Quad Plus sold its 100th automotive shredder drive to Lakeside Auto Recyclers, a Carter Lake, Iowa-based automotive recycling company.

Developing a shredder and working with utility companies is no small feat — the process of securing approval and planning for the unique needs of a customer can take anywhere from one to three years. For scrap yards, having an automotive shredder onsite makes it possible to shred their own scrap instead of having to send it out or sell it at a lower cost.


Quad Plus works with companies of all sizes to create AC or DC drive systems that include an electric motor, transformer(s), circuit breakers, and electric drive cabinet. This technology converts electricity from the utility line to power the shredder, providing more functionality at a lower cost. Making this energy-efficient yet powerful technology available to customers is the primary focus of the Large Drive Division within Quad Plus.

The automotive shredder system created specifically for Lakeside Auto Recyclers is a 4,000 horsepower, 24-pulse direct current system. Quad Plus designs systems for auto shredders from 1,000 horsepower to a monstrous 10,000 horsepower.

Engineers from Quad Plus needed to work with the utility company to facilitate the transfer of power in a safe and responsible manner. Nearly three decades of experience positioned those at Quad Plus to make easy work of the daunting task.


Quad Plus developed a recycling-duty drive more than a decade ago to increase performance and reliability for the industrial and automotive recycling sector. Their reputation for quality and service paved the way for a record number of automotive shredder drives to be sold — and it’s certain that Quad Plus won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Since 1989, Quad Plus has grown to include several offices throughout the United States and internationally. Today, the company provides industrial control systems, solutions, and services to a variety of industries. With a skilled design team made up of electrical, mechanical, civil/structural, chemical, and controls engineers, Quad Plus has extensive process knowledge spanning from the utility pole to the motor shaft.

View the official press release.