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Reducing Failure Risk with Capacitor Reforming

Large aluminum electrolytic capacitors are important components in DC and AC inverter applications. Common practice is to keep equipment spares in the event of a failure. But when supporting a facility with equipment that includes banks of large aluminum electrolytic capacitors, simply having an unused spare unit is not enough [...]

Drive Retrofit Kit for Legacy Quad Plus Drive Systems

There may be some risks associated with newly or soon-to-be discontinued drives on your legacy Quad Plus drive system. Here are some common questions many of our customers have asked, along with answers, solutions, and next steps for you to take. Download Fact Sheet What effects do recently discontinued drive [...]

Understanding ANSI RIA R15.06:2012

The Robotics Industry Association (RIA) standard for robots and robot systems (ANSI / RIA R15.06:2012) created a significant impact on all businesses using robotic automation by comparison to the previous standard (R15.06:1999). Although it’s now more than six years after its effective date of January 1, 2015, these standards remain [...]

Electrical Power Distribution Design: Low Voltage and Medium Voltage

Whether retrofitting an existing facility or selecting equipment for a new location, the components and configurations are chosen based on the client’s technical, economic, and performance goals. A major consideration for any project is planning for the electrical power required to run the facility. Coordination with the local power utility [...]

Expertise Needed for Repeat DC Contactor Failure

We recently received a call from a customer regarding the failure of a DC contactor that Quad Plus replaced less than a month prior to this call. Our industrial repair team was dispatched to the site to perform a post-failure analysis to determine why the contactor failed again and how [...]

New Building, New Capabilities

Now that the new Quad Plus headquarters has been completed, our medium voltage capabilities have been expanded, along with the capabilities of the Quad Plus shop. Here’s a look at a few of the new features that we are most excited about. Medium Voltage Testing Currently, there are no other [...]

The Importance of Shielded Cable Power Testing

Your electrical cable system provides critical links throughout your operation, and cable faults can cost your operation in repair costs and downtime. Proper shielded cable assembly and power cable testing are crucial for a safe, reliable power system. New shielded cables must demonstrate that they are reliable and will hold [...]

NETA Electrical Testing with a Certified Company

When electrical equipment is put into service for the first time, it is a unique experience for the equipment. To avoid costly downtime, it is necessary to ensure that components and systems are ready to get to work. Electrical acceptance testing is designed to test equipment in conditions that closely [...]

LWC Robotics: 2020 – 2021 Season

The Lincoln-Way Central High School Robotics 2020-2021 season is in full swing. This is Quad Plus’s third year of involvement in the Robotics Club and my second year as a coach. The turnout this year is fantastic, with more than thirty members and lots of new faces, and we are [...]

Industrial Manufacturing Retrofits: What You Need to Know

When talking about manufacturing equipment that can cost several hundred thousand dollars to purchase, an extended life for your machine is a must for any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition. However, making large capital investments in new machinery can have an extended payback period, making them [...]

Announcing Enhanced Capabilities for Web Gauging Systems

We are excited to announce our new vertically integrated services for gauging measurements for extrusion, coatings, calendering, converting, and paper production lines. The hardware and software included in our web gauging systems include a scanning frame custom-built for the specific line, web gauging sensor technology ideal to the application, and [...]

Announcing Exclusive North American partnership with MKS Anlasser

Quad Plus and German-based MKS Anlasser are proud to announce their North American strategic partnership developed to bring the best of both organizations together to provide superior service for MKS’s North American customers. MKS is known internationally for their extensive portfolio of world-class control systems, including liquid rheostat (LR), wound [...]

How Continuous Thickness Measurement Improves Production Quality

What is an Online Thickness Gauge? Automated production processes have allowed companies to manufacture items at high speeds and with fewer interventions from operators. Ensuring that a product’s quality remains within tolerance limits and that waste and defects are minimal requires a similarly automated quality inspection process. An online thickness [...]

How a Web Gauging System Improves Your Bottom Line

Manufacturers of every industry have a need to follow tight production controls and quality demands. Dispatching a worker to obtain samples of in-process material and finished goods that are then sent for lab measurement may help inform the process. However, a faster and more reliable method is necessary for modern [...]

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