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The Basics of Web Handling Processes

What are the Basics of Web Handling Processes?

Many finished goods are manufactured from one or more wide continuous flexible rolls of prefabricated material known as a web. Web materials can include thin plastics, paper, metal sheets, plastic films, foil, textiles, or other materials. Converting refers to processes that permanently alter web materials into an intermediate product for subsequent processing or a final product delivered in many forms. Common converting processes include coating, plating, laminating, extrusion, calendering, stamping, embossing, cutting, and slitting.

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Semiconductor Failure and Replacement

What to Know About Semiconductor Failure and Replacement

Failures of power semiconductors in AC and DC drives can result in significant downtime for repair and recertification of affected equipment. These components are often subjected to substantial loads and stresses. The desire to avoid future issues as part of preventive maintenance has led to some myths and misconceptions about the accuracy of field tests.

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Reducing Failure Risk with Capacitor Reforming

Large aluminum electrolytic capacitors are important components in DC and AC inverter applications. Common practice is to keep equipment spares in the event of a failure. But when supporting a facility with equipment that includes banks of large aluminum electrolytic capacitors, simply having an unused spare unit is not enough to ensure rapid recovery in the event of a failure.

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Retrofit Kit for Legacy Quad Plus Drive Systems

There may be some risks associated with newly or soon-to-be discontinued drives on your legacy Quad Plus drive system.
Here are some common questions many of our customers have asked, along with answers, solutions, and next steps for you to take.

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Understanding ANSI RIA R15.06:2012

The Robotics Industry Association (RIA) standard for robots and robot systems (ANSI / RIA R15.06:2012) created a significant impact on all businesses using robotic automation by comparison to the previous standard (R15.06:1999). Although it’s now more than six years after its effective date of January 1, 2015, these standards remain important to the safety of production workers using and working around robotic systems. While not legally mandated, they represent best practices in robotic safety and a significant step to minimize legal liability in the future.

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NETA Electrical Testing with a Certified Company

When electrical equipment is put into service for the first time, it is a unique experience for the equipment. To avoid costly downtime, it is necessary to ensure that components and systems are ready to get to work. Electrical acceptance testing is designed to test equipment in conditions that closely resemble actual processes. The goal is to reduce the possibility of failure and ensure workers are safe and protected.

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Industrial Manufacturing Retrofits: What You Need to Know

When talking about manufacturing equipment that can cost several hundred thousand dollars to purchase, an extended life for your machine is a must for any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition. However, making large capital investments in new machinery can have an extended payback period, making them not cost-effective in the immediate future. Still, many new technologies exist that can be strategically integrated into your existing machine, making it easier and safer to operate, more productive, and efficiently use energy. To make the most of these hefty equipment purchases, industrial manufacturing retrofits can be the key to accessing new features and prolonging the working life of a machine.

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How Continuous Thickness Measurement Improves Production Quality

What is an Online Thickness Gauge?

Automated production processes have allowed companies to manufacture items at high speeds and with fewer interventions from operators. Ensuring that a product’s quality remains within tolerance limits and that waste and defects are minimal requires a similarly automated quality inspection process.

An online thickness gauge is an ideal method for process control as it delivers not only speed, but also a high degree of accuracy. An online gauge is always scanning, as opposed to manual spot measurements with a handheld scanner or a lab sample. Non-contact displacement sensor methods are the optimal choices as no contact with materials are required allowing for the fastest speeds and fast adaptations to different materials or surface types being measured.

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How a Web Gauging System Improves Your Bottom Line

Manufacturers of every industry have a need to follow tight production controls and quality demands. Dispatching a worker to obtain samples of in-process material and finished goods that are then sent for lab measurement may help inform the process. However, a faster and more reliable method is necessary for modern production schedules. A web gauging system will provide real-time results and accuracy that manufacturers need to meet production and cost goals.

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Different Weight, Moisture, and Thickness Sensor Technology for Web Applications

Web gauging systems are the key to meeting tight customer specs while also reducing waste and the overall expense associated with a production line. Which sensor technology to use depends on the substrate being measured as gauges are used to measure everything from the adhesive applied to tape to roofing products to soup bowls. Use this guide to help understand some of the technology that is available and let a Quad Plus expert help you find the right one for your production line.

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What Are The Benefits of a Web Gauging System For Manufacturers

No matter what sector of manufacturing your company is in, from automotive to medical to consumer products, balancing quality control and manufacturing costs will always be a priority. Manually gauging or visually inspecting products or even small groups can be costly and inefficient. A web gauging system may provide the key to improving quality and productivity without sacrificing efficiency and expense.

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Preventive Maintenance Guidance for Industrial Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers form the foundation of safety for any industrial electrical system as they protect both your equipment and your crew from harm caused by overloaded circuits, short circuits, and other electrical problems. All protective systems should have a routine maintenance system in place to make sure everything is working as it should, and preventive maintenance will help you avoid costly breakdowns and industrial circuit breaker repairs.

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Getting the Most from Your Industrial Circuit Breakers

Industrial circuit breakers are a necessary component of every electrical system to protect your crew and equipment from danger. When they become damaged or broken, an immediate replacement is required to prevent downtime. Still, the cost to replace industrial circuit breakers can range from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. In many cases, companies can save a considerable amount of cash over the lifetime of their equipment by reconditioning breakers for reuse rather than replacing and discarding.

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Industrial Circuit Breaker Repair Experts

Power distribution and switchgear equipment are critical to the operation of your business, and the heart of every power distribution system are circuit breakers. These devices are responsible for protecting your crew from injury and your equipment from damage, so it’s easy to see why spotting signs of trouble is critical.  Here are three signs it’s time to repair your industrial circuit breaker.
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Shredder System Off and Storage

If you need to disconnect power to your Quad Plus Auto Shredding system, this removes the heater logic from the motor. In such cases were power is to be isolated longer than one month, temporary 240v (or specified voltage) must be run to the point of termination at the motor.

For all other inquiries regarding storage and/or idling, please see the following Quad Plus Motor Storage Instructions.
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Why do I need special cables for VFDs

Choosing the right cable for your variable frequency drive is critical to the operation of your system and avoiding costly downtime. To better understand why special cables are necessary, we’ll take a look at both the immediate and long-term impact that improper cables and configurations can have on your equipment along with ways to minimize problems.

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Robotics and Engineering Competitive Team

The 2018/2019 robot season has begun for the Lincoln-Way Central Fighting Knights! With the help and support of Quad Plus, the team is in the final stage of prep for their first competition this weekend. Frantic robot modifications and program tweaks are keeping team members busy after school and on the weekends. Go Knights!

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SIEMENS K-Frame Rebuild

A complete teardown and rebuild of a SIEMENS MasterDrive K-Frame caused by an improperly placed IGBT within the U phase leading to a dangerous arc-flash event. Our in-house expert Scott, documents the steps that Quad Plus takes to rebuild from this costly issue. Make sure to always have your drives serviced and maintained.

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Siemens Masterdrive Servicing

I have received many notifications about the discontinuation of the Siemens Masterdrive. As an owner of this drive system, this is the type of communication that causes anxiety. Questions such as How am I going to get parts, repairs, and service immediately start swirling in your head. And the biggest question of all is, if I have to remove and replace these drives, how much will it cost, how long will it take, and are their implications to my automation system.

So, what exactly does this notice mean?

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Machine Safety Standards

With so many rules and regulations related to industrial safety, it can be confusing to figure them all out.

To help clear things up, we do our best to explain the ISO 12100:2010, ISO 14121-1:2007, ISO 13849-1:2006 Safety Standards

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