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system integration for oil drilling system
abs quality evaluations certificate of conformance iso 9001:2015 power systems and control systems

Control System Integrator for Drilling Systems

Quad Plus is an industry leading system integrator providing electrical control and automation systems serving all aspects of the petroleum industry, including drilling, well completion, and manufacturing systems for both land-based and offshore applications. Our extensive Knowledge of OEM components and programming support allow us to provide optimal client solutions whether performing retrofit of obsolete systems or design and construction of entirely new equipment. In addition, we provide implementation and support services for both domestic and international locations.

system integration for oil drilling system
abs quality evaluations certificate of conformance iso 9001:2015 power systems and control systems

Why Quad Plus?

Extensive industry experience helps our team to understand your needs, requirements, and constraints. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial control, process, and automation technologies gives us insight to solve problems and optimize equipment operations to meet evolving industry demands. Our service personnel provide both technical expertise and remote site safety certification for your projects. Our team is ISO 9001 certified for design, development, production, installation and servicing of custom integrated electrical power and controls systems. You’ll enjoy quicker speed to operation, after sales support, and flexibility in realizing your design and implementation requirements.

Oil and Gas Drilling System Services

Exploration and production tools are changing to meet ever more demanding requirements. Electrification of traditionally diesel-powered equipment can provide returns on investment from efficiency, reliability, lower emissions, and reduced noise levels. Quad Plus professionals are at the forefront, engineering new applications for industrially-tested electrical systems for both fixed and transportable equipment used in the oil and gas industry.

oil and gas integrator project

Project Development

We start with customer requirements and criteria to engineer designs documented by single-line diagrams, multi-page voltage ratings, electrical schematics, orthographic drawings, piping diagrams and 3D modeling as needed to build the final project. Through design review, we verify the safety and design functionality to ensure the best fit for the system operating requirements and space constraints.

oil and gas controls system retrofit

Turnkey Integration

Your requirements define our role. We can provide solutions as an OEM supplier, a contributing vendor, or as a turnkey control system integrator. As a system integrator, we will be your single point of contact, handling every aspect of your project from design and development to manufacturing and implementation. Read more about how Quad Plus designed a custom configuration in our case study Rockwell Automation Oil Rig Referral.

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Premium Support

We offer support for most manufacturer’s equipment, whether integrated by Quad Plus or others. Clients can choose the level of support desired, from periodic maintenance, expedited service, to secure, remote diagnostic systems that signal for services require. With remote diagnostics, our team can begin remote troubleshooting steps almost immediately to dramatically reduce the down time of your equipment. Once the issue is identified and confirmed, our team can be dispatched with the applicable parts and tools required to complete repairs.

certified system integrator for offshore drilling control systems

Service Components

Our technicians specialize in oil and gas rigs. We understand the complex conditions and have the skills and experience to mitigate personal risk while servicing and transporting equipment. Our technical team:

  1. Has specific medical clearances and training
  2. Is HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) Certified
  3. Is BOSET (Basic Offshore Survival Emergency Training) Certified

Plus, the Quad Plus Houston office has been ISO registered since 2014 and received ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2018. Our registration includes the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of custom integrated electrical power and control systems.

When your systems are down for service or replacement, we have the tools, equipment, training, and experience to minimize your downtime costs and maximize your equipment reliability.

Drilling Application Technical Capabilities

Quad Plus delivers equipment and services for oil and gas industry use in a wide variety of forms. Our technical team will assist with design selections to achieve industry targets such as increased reliability, decreased spread footprint, reduced noise levels, and reduced emissions.

climate controlled operator cabins

E-House and Operator Cabins

Climate controlled E-House facilities offer increase operational safety and personnel performance while meeting reliability and functionality targets.

enclosed control systems for oil and gas drilling

PLC, VFD, MCC and Switchgear

Climate controlled, weather resistant, enclosed control systems provide automation for operation and process equipment.

low and medium voltage for oil drilling control systems

Power and Distribution

Quad Plus offers low and medium voltage system management for fixed or transportable use.

Generator Control and Distribution

Quad plus offers a wide variety of generator control and distribution options for both on- and off-grid locations including drilling, fracturing, and cogeneration operations. Common options for remote power configurations include:

Diesel Prime Mover

We are experts in integration of variable capacity swing-unit controls for diesel prime mover generator systems. Low or medium voltage generation can be packaged for trailers, skid or e-houses including cabinet splits for offshore installation. Our team designs and integrates solutions according to your power needs.

Gas Turbine Generator

High capacity, gas turbine generators packaged for trailer or skid transportable use represent the future of remote power for low or medium voltage electric well completion tools. We work with manufacturers to deliver the switchgear and power distribution solutions necessary to power a new generation of smaller, cleaner, more economical yet powerful electric frac and associated systems.

E-Fracking Development

Electrification of well completion equipment offers more cost effective operations and environmental advantages than the use of traditionally powered equipment. Quad Plus work with client E-Frac projects has resulted in innovations for power distribution, control, and safety systems for medium-voltage powered well completion equipment. Our work continues for the next generation of E-Frac spreads.

replace e-fracking diesel engines with electric engines to reduce the impact on the environment

Environmental Impact

Replacing diesel engines with electric motors for high-horsepower pumps, proppant delivery systems, hydration units, and blenders reduces emissions, noise, and expense common to traditional well completion equipment.

e-fracking control system engineering

Research and Development

Our technical team continues to build on past developments to provide next generation design. Client needs require different approaches for a successful result. One size does not fit all!

e-fracking control system integration permits and licenses

Regulation Compliance

We take care of the required permits and licenses and stay on top of the continually-evolving guidelines and legislation to simplify the process for you.

solutions for the electrification of remote generation systems

Power Generation Solution

High capacity, transportable gas turbine generators offer nearly a 60% reduction in fuel expense over equivalent power delivered by multiple diesel engines. With convenient availability of well gas, remote generation systems can support electrification of all common well completion tools.

control system integrator for electric high pressure pumping

E-Frac Pumping

Electric high pressure pumping requires the most intense use of remote power. Yet more precise control, full torque at all speeds and high reliability are just three advantages available with an all-electric spread.

electronic well completion control system integrator

All Electric Well Completion

In addition to high pressure pumping, electrically-driven prime movers can be applied to constant or variable speed/torque requirements for well cementing, pressure testing, solvent pumping, acidizing treatments, chemical treatments, blending, and proppant applications.

control manufacturing for oil industry control systems

Industrial Contract Manufacturing Services

Our services go beyond the traditional panel shop model by offering contract manufacturing services that are specific to the oil and gas industry. QuadPlus will provide detailed functional testing to validate the your design, software development for PLCs, HMIs and variable speed drives, and customized packaging solutions for ordering on demand. In addition, the contract manufacturing team will also provide wiring harnesses or special cable assemblies for system integration by others.

Services Available

Quad Plus offers a wide variety of services to assist you no matter where you are in the system integration lifecycle. For new builds, we offer design and project management services, for existing plants, we can make your operation run smoother and more efficient. For plants with obsolete control systems, we can assist with retrofits and upgrades. No matter your business need, we have you covered!

automation system integration life cycle

Let’s Get to Work

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience with land-based and offshore energy operations make Quad Plus the right choice for oil and gas equipment services. Our skilled professionals can improve operational efficiency, increase reliability, reduce emissions, and decrease equipment space requirements by applying the latest technologies for both new builds and retrofits. We also offer on-site services to keep your operations moving safely and efficiently.

Ready to get started?

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