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engineers review a power study for an industrial project

Quad Plus is an all-inclusive power systems service provider for many industries. We work closely with you and power companies to streamline your projects and accomplish your goals faster. Our capabilities include electrical infrastructure design & installation and power studies & analysis for high, medium, and low voltage. Once installed, Quad Plus provides the on-site and in-house maintenance and periodic testing to extend the useful life of critical electrical assets such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, protective relays and switches. Our electrical testing is done in accordance with the NETA/ANSI Certified Standard.

Why Quad Plus?

Quad Plus can be your experienced partner when projects are difficult. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your stalled projects moving to completion. Quad Plus provides much more than power services; we offer all the services in the system integration lifecycle to our local and global customers. Quad Plus is a trusted provider of multi-discipline professional engineering, system integration, commissioning, repair/service and industrial safety.

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What We Do

We are your experienced industrial partner helping to bring all your projects to fruition, no matter how big or small. Here is just a quick overview of what we do; each of these abilities are further detailed below.

Electrical Infrastructure
(low, medium, high voltage)

engineering company that designs electric requirements

Quad Plus's multi-level NETA certified engineers and technicians are the ideal engineering team to design, install, and maintain your site's custom electrical system. First, we complete the load forms, connection requirements, and coordinate between the electrical service entrance and customer-owned equipment, along with sizing and specifications. Quad Plus then handles the electrical acceptance testing, commissioning, and maintenance testing.

Power Company Experts

 industrial partner that works with power companies to complete your project

We work directly with the power company, and we speak their language. That way, we know the exact needs and capabilities of the site. Plus, whenever problems arise, we can solve them for you. In other words, you’ll never hear “that’s not possible” again.

Power Studies and Analysis

optimize your power systems with power quality audits and power system studies

Quad Plus offers standard and specialized power system studies along with pre- and post-installation power quality audits to precisely target and correct power issues. These studies will help optimize your power systems performance and improve safety.

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Synchronous Motors Retrofits

synchronous motor retrofits company

Synchronous motors that have been well maintained will continue running for many more years. While the motors may be in good working condition, the controls, relays, and DC contactors might need to be replaced. Unfortunately, replacement parts are not always available, especially the field application relay, the most common failure point. Our team of control experts, with more than 15 years experience, can retrofit your synchronous motors with new field control circuits.

Electrical Infrastructure

Quad Plus provides substation and power distribution system design, including industry electrical requirements, compliance with government regulations, load analysis, system layout and calculations, sizing and specifications for cables, cable trays system, conduit system design and installation, transformers, protective devices, panels, switchgear, capacitor bans, and other required equipment. We will ensure cable layouts do not obstruct site traffic while guaranteeing the most cost-effective layout. Quad Plus has the ability to design, install, and maintain your complete electrical infrastructure and power systems.

High Voltage

electric substation design

Quad Plus provides custom substation design to meet your needs. This substation will step down the utility (usually 35kV) to a voltage that you can utilize making deployment and distribution throughout your site easier.

Medium Voltage

pole mounted transmission line design

We can help maintain your medium voltage (1kV to 35kV) solutions. From pole mounted transmission lines with insulators, to underground duct banks, including transformers and substation relay setting, we have you covered.

Low Voltage

utilization distribution system design

Quad Plus has the expertise for the utilization distribution system. From the distribution and branch panelboards to individual breaker settings we have the know how to handle all of the equipment loads in your plant.

Power Company Experts

 review local power company connection requirements and speak with power company

We will perform power studies and present the results to the power company. We attend meetings and fill out the power company "new service request" forms. We’ll get an estimated power bill along with advice for lowering the bill, review local power company connection requirements, and coordinate the connection between the wire on the poles and customer-owned equipment. Lastly, we will handle receiving power company approval for connection design and equipment.

Our power study service furnishes all the data you need for negotiations with the power company to get approval for your site. We will provide a power single line diagram of the facility and flicker analysis, as well as power quality standards compared to our findings and recommendations for meeting IEEE and local quality standards in the most cost-effective manner.

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Power Studies and Analysis

Proactive Analysis

Quad Plus specializes in low and medium voltage power systems, and provides standard and specialized power system studies plus pre- and post-installation power quality audits to precisely target and correct power issues. These studies will help optimize your power system’s performance and improve safety. Professional engineers conduct the studies in accordance with applicable industry standards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Electrical Code (NEC).

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Coordination Studies
  • Ground Grid Analysis
  • Harmonics and Flicker Analysis
  • Load Flow Studies
  • Power Factor Correction Studies
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Transient Motor Starting Analysis

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Reactive Analysis

If you have an existing problem with the power company, our system integrators will find the source and recommend solutions. We have traveled worldwide to seek out the cause of abnormal voltage fluctuation and current distortion, plus a host of other issues. Drawing on our vast and varied experience, and using the appropriate measuring and modeling tools, we will assist you in resolving your electrical power issues and improve your profitability.

We can perform a power study which will model the control system on the local power grid and show the effect it will have on the electrical system. For most sites, flicker will be the most serious issue, but we can also model other power quality issues such as harmonics and power factor.

resolving your electrical power flicker issues

Power Services Case Studies


Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our technicians have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your control systems and production lines.

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Our engineers have partnered with power companies and understand their requirements to upgrade or install new integrated systems. We will help you overcome power company obstacles by working together and providing the electrical design plans, proactive analysis, and documentation needed to move your stalled projects forward.

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