Quality Preventive Maintenance Services Save You Money

quality preventive maintenance services save you money

The same part or service might cost you three times more during an emergency than a planned purchase. Deliberate outages can seem painful—until you face an unexpected catastrophic failure:

  • The current reality of long lead times for replacement parts and the loss of productivity during that wait gets expensive fast.
  • Preventive services allow you to better utilize your equipment warranties by testing and replacing defective components during the coverage period.
  • An increasing number of insurance companies now require periodic testing, such as infrared scanning or maintenance testing, to help prevent expensive settlements.

Preventive maintenance services are the best way to control downtime and avoid costly unexpected shutdowns.

quality preventive maintenance services save you money

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Not Just Another Vendor. A Partner.

Your equipment is complex, and the way it is integrated into your workflow is unique to your situation. It’s also one of the most important investments your company has made.

Equipment manufacturers know their stuff, but do they know your shop? What about components from other manufacturers? Other service technicians may be able to travel to your location, but how long will that take? How invested in the long-term stability of your operations can they be?

Your equipment is the backbone of your operations. Unplanned shutdowns are catastrophic, expensive, and hard on your equipment, not to mention potentially dangerous to your crew. Preventive maintenance services from skilled, local experts will reduce overall maintenance expenses and keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently.

We don’t want to be just another vendor. We want to be your partner in success.

Local. Manufacturer Trained. Industry Certified.

Preventive maintenance is more than just another chore. It’s the best way to stay in control of downtime, keep your equipment operational, and enjoy a long working life from your equipment.

Our technicians are manufacturer-trained. We’ve worked in virtually every industry and any environment. We have the skills and experience to keep your equipment up and running.

More than that, however, is our unique ability to provide you with unparalleled support when you need it most. We’ll start by testing and inspecting your equipment to recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule that works with your needs and budget.

  • ABB Value Provider and Crane Certified
  • Control Techniques USA National System Integrator
  • Ignition Inductive Automation Certified Integrator
  • NETA Accredited with Certified Engineers
  • PEARL Certified Inspect and Test and Reconditioned
  • Rockwell System Integrator
  • Rockwell Solution Provider Automation and Drives, Quad Plus EU Division
  • Siemens AG Certified Repair*
  • Siemens Certified Safety Professionals
  • Siemens Solution Provider Automation and Drives
  • Siemens System Integrator, Quad Plus EU Division
  • TÜV Certified Safety
  • Wonderware Archestra Certified

*Applicable to specific products

  • NETA Certification
  • PEARL Certification
  • Siemens Solution Provider Automation and Drives
  • Rockwell System Integrator
  • Rockwell Solution Provider Automation and Drives – QPEU
  • Siemens System Integrator – QPEU
  • Control Techniques, USA National System Integrator
  • ABB Value Provider & Crane Certified
  • Wonderware Archestra Certified
  • Inductive (Ignition) Automation Certified Integrator
  • TUV Certified Safety
  • Siemens Certified Safety Professionals
  • Siemens AG Certified Repair – Specific Products

We Specialize in Your Unique Needs

Circuit Breakers

Protect Your Crew & Equipment

Proper maintenance of circuit breakers ensures the ongoing operation of your equipment and the safety of your team. You can eliminate problems before they develop into serious repairs or result in complete failure.

Our team will develop a preventive maintenance schedule for your breakers so you can be confident in the safety and reliability of your electrical system.

Drive Repair

Never Get Caught off Guard

Keeping drives operational is critical, and proper maintenance is how it happens. We follow time-tested, manufacturer-recommended maintenance processes and schedules to ensure all components are in good working order.

The Quad Plus team can also help manage hot spares, broken seal parts, spare parts and revisions cataloging, and data recording (PDA) to better understand and predict equipment failures.

Power Services

NETA-Developed Consensus Standards

The reliability of your system is fundamental to the performance of your operation. Our acceptance testing and maintenance strategies are developed in accordance with NETA-developed consensus standards for testing devices and systems.

When performed alongside a condition-based maintenance program, maintenance testing will maximize the life expectancy of your equipment while establishing priorities for repair and replacement.

Industrial Field Services

Be Ready for Everyday Challenges

A halt in production means you’re losing money by the minute. You know your equipment cannot run forever, but you can stop unplanned production interruptions before they happen.

When you partner with Quad Plus, you’ll be using the most experienced field service provider in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is ready for everyday challenges.

Large Drives

Regular Maintenance for a Long Life

Large drive systems, such as those used for auto shredding, rely on the proper operation of motors, transformers, and controls. Regularly maintaining these components will ensure a long life for your machines.

Along with straightforward repairs, the Quad Plus team is continually working on innovations that go further than simply replacing parts to deliver steady, reliable operation of your equipment.

More than a repair shop, Quad Plus is your partner in successful operations.

Partner with industry certified experts.

Skipping regular maintenance shouldn’t be an option. It costs more money in the long run, shortens the lifespan of your equipment, and could put your crew in danger. Not to mention the stress of untangling the mess following a preventable catastrophic failure.

You need more than just an industrial repair shop. You need a local partner who is committed to the long-term function and efficiency of your machines while also paying attention to your bottom line.

Pair that with the unmatched 24-7-365 availability of our technicians and responsive and helpful customer service, and you have the industry-leading team at Quad Plus.

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Exceeding customer expectations for more than 30 years.

“Quad Plus helped us identify our potential problems early and schedule the replacement parts and repairs on our time. Doing preventive maintenance throughout the city saved us money, the customer’s money and kept the power running without unplanned outages.”

-Bob R., Illinois Municipality