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Quad Plus – ISRI 2019 in Booth #1237

April 1, 2019

Quad Plus has teams of over 300 experts electrical, mechanical, civil and structural, chemical, and control engineers. Our expertise lies in delivering complete, integrated control systems and getting results for our customers here at home, and around the world. Quad Plus is an industry leading system integrator providing motors and controls for car shredders. We offer complete solutions, from meeting with power companies and designing a medium-voltage layout to supplying AC or DC shredder drive systems. Once running, we provide parts and expertise to keep your systems operating efficiently.

When it’s time to install or upgrade your shredder to boost horsepower or increase tonnage, unexpected costs might be lurking around the corner. Your utility may perform a load analysis to ensure they can meet your power needs, but you also need to prove the power return to the utility will be clean and of high quality. Quad Plus recommends a proactive approach to uncovering and avoiding extra charges before designing your shredding solution. That way, your upgrade stays on budget.

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