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September 9, 2016

When I first joined the company in 1999, Quad plus was, in many ways, a stereotypical, small integrator.  We have changed in SO many ways over the years but as I sat around our conference room table the other day discussing a job, one thing really jumped out at me….. Our Diversity.

In our domestic operations alone we have people from Syria, Kosovo, Serbia, India, Sweden, and Jamaica.  Across the pond at our office in Turkey we have people from England, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Tajikistan.  In a world that, as of late, seems to focus in on how polarized we all are – I am happy to say our people are a team!  Race and religion take a back seat here.  We work together, talk together, laugh together and whenever we get a chance – we play together.

So, what is the point?  Why is this relevant?

It wasn’t our corporate world of KPIs and analytics that dictated it. This was not intentional, purposeful or some sort of “quota” being filled. This was a NATURAL evolution of our company. And looking around… it’s pretty great.