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Announcing Exclusive North American partnership with MKS Anlasser

October 6, 2020

Quad Plus and German-based MKS Anlasser are proud to announce their North American strategic partnership developed to bring the best of both organizations together to provide superior service for MKS’s North American customers.

MKS is known internationally for their extensive portfolio of world-class control systems, including liquid rheostat (LR), wound rotor induction motor (WRIM) control systems, and medium voltage (MV) switchgear. Tightening competition in mining, cement, metal recycling, power, and manufacturing industries has intensified the pressure for a highly reliable production environment.

MKS recognized this need and wanted to improve their ability to provide quicker service and support for their North American customers. Quad Plus’s deep application engineering experience and dedication to prompt and effective control system service and support was the right solution.

quad plus sales distributor for mks liquid rheostat

“Providing optimal service worldwide is foundational to MKS’s mission,” said Alexander Krekker, President of MKS, “and as a German-based company, servicing customers overseas has always been a challenge. To erase the difference in service levels between regional and overseas customers, we knew we needed the right partner. Quad Plus’s reputation for outstanding customer service and engineering application knowledge was a perfect fit.”

“As a leading manufacturer of liquid rheostat and wound rotor induction motor systems, MKS’s technology has set the standard for wound rotor motor control” said John Crosetto, Chief Executive Officer of Quad Plus. “Our MKS product experience, power side proficiency, and ability to provide sales and service support throughout North America made this a well-suited partnership that directly benefits our customers.”

As the exclusive first-line North American sales distribution, service, and parts supplier for MKS, Quad Plus will support their growing international footprint in the LR and WRIM manufacturing industry.

To learn more about LR or WRIM products and services contact Joe Kowalkowski at (815) 740-0860 or read the official Quad Plus North American partnership with MKS Anlasser press release.