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Drive Retrofit Kit for Legacy Quad Plus Drive Systems

June 4, 2021

retrofit kit for legacy quad plus drive systems

There may be some risks associated with newly or soon-to-be discontinued drives on your legacy Quad Plus drive system.
Here are some common questions many of our customers have asked, along with answers, solutions, and next steps for you to take.

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What effects do recently discontinued drive products have on my operation?

When drive products are discontinued, it’s important to understand how this will affect your operation so you can plan accordingly and avoid unplanned shutdowns. Even if newly discontinued drives will continue to be supported for several years, as the equipment ages, it will become more expensive to repair, difficult to source parts, and the software can become outdated. The fact is eventually, the cost of repairing the drive and the associated shutdowns will approach the cost of replacing the drive.

How do I mitigate the risks of failure?

The most significant risk will be extended, unplanned downtime due to the inability to source parts or the higher cost for replacement parts. The best way to avoid this risk is to retrofit the discontinued drive before it fails. At Quad Plus,we understand how financially
impactful unplanned downtime is on recycling operations, so we’ve created an engineered drive retrofit solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. We can even coordinate the implementation with your normal maintenance periods.

retrofit kit for legacy quad plus drive systems

What benefits will I gain from this solution?

Our drive retrofit customers are spared the costs directly related to the higher price of replacement parts along with the costs associated with unplanned downtime while waiting for those parts. Because their solutions were completed in combination with
planned maintenance, we were able to rectify any deficiencies identified during inspections. Deficiencies may include loose wires and bus bars, damaged conductors, or power quality issues. Overall, our clients experience fewer operation interruptions with their new
drives and maintenance. Plus, they all enjoy EthernetIP technology integration that allows for easier remote access for future support of the new drives.

How is my solution designed and implemented?

As a Quad Plus customer, you have the security of knowing we thoroughly understand your original drive design, the system history, and are familiar with previous issues and concerns. Our retrofit solution, designed for your specific system and bolted in, require
minimum field modifications and includes engineered and terminated cables, engineered adapter plates to refit your drive, and updated software to properly integrate the new hardware. Much of this work is done by our professionals who specialize in large
drive system design and service. That way, the interruption to your operation is reduced to as few days as possible and performed during planned maintenance. After your retrofit is complete, you will experience the same or better safety and security protections
and performance as before.

How do I prepare?

A proactive mitigation plan is the best way to avoid an unplanned shutdown. A current system audit, preventive maintenance schedule review, and a financial quote can be prepared for you by one of our recycling industry specialists. To get started on your
system review, contact Joe Kowalkowski at (844) 251-7823.