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Shredder System Off and Storage

March 23, 2020

If you need to disconnect power to your Quad Plus Auto Shredding system, this removes the heater logic from the motor. In such cases were power is to be isolated longer than one month, temporary 240v (or specified voltage) must be run to the point of termination at the motor.

For all other inquiries regarding storage and/or idling, please see the following Quad Plus Motor Storage Instructions.

Idling and/or Storage of Quad Plus Motors
Download Printable Version of these instructions

Quad Plus recommends the following storage requirements for all motors that will not be in service for longer than one month.

If not mounted, the Quad Plus motor is to be stored in its original container or equivalent protection, and placed in a clean, dry, protected area where control over temperature, dust, humidity, shock, and vibration are reasonably maintained within the following specifications:

  • The storage area is to be free from any shock or vibration of 2 mils max. at 60 hertz, to prevent bearings from brinelling.
  • Temperatures must be maintained between 50°F and 120°F.
  • Relative humidity must be maintained below 60%.
  • If idled or placed in storage for longer than one-month, proper voltage must be applied to the motor heaters (consult your electrical prints supplied by QP).
  • Windings must be megger tested upon arrival of the motor and at 30-day intervals and the results must be recorded. Armature and interpole windings are to be tested at 1000V, while field windings are to be tested at 500V.
  • Carbon brushes should be lifted and held in place in the holders, above the commutator / slip ring.
  • If the motor is idled or stored for more than one month, it must be rotated at least 10 revolutions per month to ensure that bearing surfaces have consistent lubrication and to prevent the formation of flat spots on bearing rollers. Each time the motor is rotated, the shaft must be left in a different position.
  • All external parts subject to corrosion, such as hubs, couplings, shafts and machined fits, should be protected by a corrosive resistant rust inhibitor coating and/or covering. The unit should be protected by a covering, but not sealed to allow air circulation. If the motor is sealed in a vapor barrier, then adequate desiccant for moisture control must be added.
  • If the motor is stored for more than one month prior to going into service, bearings must be purged with fresh grease.
  • Removal from Idle and/or Storage

    At the time of removal from storage, megger readings must be taken. Any reduction in resistance values greater than 50% from the values recorded at the time the motor was first placed into storage will necessitate electrical or mechanical drying. Industry standards state there should be at least 1 megaohm per 1000V of running voltage. Consult with Quad Plus before taking any action.