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Turnkey Solutions From Design to Production

turnkey system integrator from design to production

Quad Plus delivers the resources needed for new installations in large scale industrial processes and for retrofitting viable legacy machinery. As your turnkey single point of contact, we coordinate all project phases to provide a fully-integrated solution from design, development, implementation, and commissioning. We have the experience with the material handling and processing, continuous and discreet, and our background with a variety of applications provides better insight into your needs and constraints.

Why Quad Plus?

Our experience with a variety of facilities and applications provides better insight to understand your unique needs and constraints. We work with all major original equipment manufacturers to build comprehensive solutions tailored to solve your system challenges. Quad Plus is much more than a system integrator; we offer all the services in the system integration life cycle to our local and global customers. Quad Plus is a trusted provider of multi-discipline professional engineering, power services, commissioning, repair/service, and industrial safety.

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Electrical System Integration

Quad Plus is a full service electrical and automation system integrator for new installation. We also provide retrofit solutions for viable legacy equipment and specialized assemblies for support of OEM equipment. As problem solvers, we identify, design, implement, and service equipment customized to the client’s needs. With facilities and personnel resources nationwide, Quad Plus can serve as your single source for all electrical design, integration, field support, and service.


system control design that meets your specifications

We package controls to meet your unique needs and specifications. No matter which controls you need, we have you covered.

Custom Enclosures and Control Packaging

cabinets that house the controls for a control system

Custom built enclosures are designed and fabricated as needed to fit within space constrained or environmentally exposed areas within your facility, yard, or vehicle. These enclosures keep their system contents protected from harsh environments while providing convenient access to control components or operator panels.

Installation and Commissioning

engineers perform system commissioning

Once your controls are ready, we will ensure they are properly installed and started up for turnkey integration. Our onsite team will startup, test, and adjust equipment for the smoothest transition from installation to production.

Machine Upgrade, Automating Processes, and Retrofit Services

improve processes by automating processes on your manufacturing line

Quad Plus has extensive experience with supporting the processes, hardware, and programming of legacy equipment integrated with older systems that have failed or become unreliable. When obsolete or unrepairable components mandate upgrades, we evaluate your assets to provide retrofit options for restoring reliability, returning your operations to profitability, and adding new features; often while avoiding the need to replace your equipment entirely. We offer a complete solution that can be built in parallel phases to minimize downtime and reduce interruption of your production schedules.

Have obsolete controls or unsupported motors that need to updated to improve your line's reliability? Read our case study about an electrical retrofit we recently performed for a steel service center.

Cabinets and Control Panels

3d modeling design of custom built cabinets for control system 3d modeling design of custom built cabinets for control system

We use a 3D design process to create cabinets with exact specifications and install controls right the first time. The result is a faster control system assembly time, and the ability to highlight issues before entering production. Our control cabinets are always custom-built to fit the required space and scalable for long-term flexibility.

Material Handling and Processing

expert handling of materials through a production line

Quad Plus has decades of experience in the material handling and processing sector. Our expertise ranges from the installation of simple conveyance systems to those requiring advanced motion control of multi-axis servo systems. Our team understands all stages of product processing; from the loading and batching of raw materials to the final packaging and stacking of the finished product, we can engineer systems that make these processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Our technicians can implement systems, drives, and controls for both continuous and discrete processes. We can tackle every processing application, including web tension control, stacking and destacking, alignment and orientation detection and correction, recipe-based batching and coatings application, and air handling. Our team will ensure your product quality standards are met.

Other application knowledge includes high-pressure water cutting, both simple, and CNC-style servo-controlled, cut-on-the-fly using electronically geared servo control, automated saw cutting, punching, lamination, and automated sorting. And to round out our material processing abilities, we can automate and semi-automate reject handling, determine strapping and wrapping, and optimize product flow.

At Quad Plus, we are fully equipped to integrate operator workstations, HMI design and programming, critical system interlocking, and control-reliable safety systems because we know that a safe and efficient operator interface is vital to the success of material handling processes.

Continuous Thickness Measurement and Web Gauging System

gauge system control experts

Quad Plus web gauging systems are designed to provide online thickness measurements so you can reduce variances of products and materials during production. Our team of experts has the right combination of machine and process knowledge to recommend optimal configurations for web gauging systems and install them with skilled expertise. We also offer the best software solutions available to reduce startup waste, run closer to targets, and save on material used in your gauging applications. Plus, we stay with your project from the planning phases and installation all the way through to post-installation training and support. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you will get the most from your web gauging system solution.

Get Started with a Web Gauging System Demo

Installation and Commissioning

commissioning your control system from i/o checkout to production trial

Quad Plus delivers onsite support during the startup process with hands-on commissioning of your integrated system. Our team of control engineers will ensure the smoothest transition from installation to production. Through our specialized commissioning process, we will perform I/O checkout, driving tuning, dry/wet commissioning, production trials, and handoff. Our goal is to ensure we meet the promises agreed upon at the beginning of your project, work out any issues or bugs in the system, and set you up for success.

To learn more about Commissioning, please see our Commissioning Services page.


Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our technicians have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your control systems and production lines.

Let’s Get to Work

experienced engineers  perform system integrator

Our experienced engineers will seamlessly install your integrated control system, moving it from concept and design to production. Let us handle coordinating with the multiple vendors needed to complete your project. We offer custom-built control cabinets produced to fit within your facility or yard and we’ll efficiently package your controls. Our commissioning service will leave you with a fully-tested manufacturing line ready for production.

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