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design custom industrial test stands for right sized solutions

Electrical System Integrator

Quad Plus is known to many industries for turnkey; electrically driven test stands used for product validation, recertification, and research. Starting with your testing requirements, we provide design and implementation services from specific component systems to complete site turnkey facilities.

design custom industrial test stands for right sized solutions

Why Quad Plus?

Quad Plus has more than 20 years of experience with development of specialized industrial and manufacturing systems including custom test stands. Whether developing new facilities or retrofitting existing systems, Quad Plus works to provide the right-sized solution for maximum client value.

Test Stand Services

Our experienced team can create a test system to suit your needs, whether building on your vision or originating a new design. Typical requirements include operation against configurable test conditions, mitigation for unit failure, and data collection for analysis, research, and/or verification of unit specifications.

convert drawings into 3d models to visual final custom test stand solution

Project ID and Development

We start by listening to our customers and analysing their needs, then recommend project requirements to create a functional specification and single-line diagrams. Creating orthographic and 3D model drawings, we begin to visualize the final solution. Through design review, we verify the safety and design functionality to ensure the best arrangement for system equipment, operating requirements, space constraints, and observance of best practices.

single point of contact for design, development, manufacturing, and implementation of custom industrial test stands

OEM Supplier to Turnkey Construction

Your requirements define our role. We can provide equipment and services as an OEM supplier, a contributing vendor, a project management team, general or specialized engineering support, or a complete solution as a turn-key contractor providing on-site construction. As your single point of contact, we handle every aspect of your project from design and development to manufacturing and implementation

test stand use separate computerized operator control center

Control and Automation

Precision control and data gathering can be managed through system HMI screens configured according to your operating requirements. Closed circuit video feeds allow monitoring of the test area away from potential hazards during test operation.

premium support for custom test stands

Premium Support

We provide repair, retrofit, and replacement options for a wide range of industrial equipment, servicing most manufacturers’ components whether integrated by Quad Plus or others. Your existing test facility may not need replacement if economical service options offer an economic alternative.

Large Pump Test Stand Technical Capabilities

High pressure pumping is a major operation for petroleum well completion services. Pump manufacturers and repair service providers look to the following facilities to create controlled and repeatable tests to verify their products.

electrically activated choke for large pump test stands

Electrically Activated Choke

The adjustable choke allows for testing under a range of pressures due to adjustable flow restrictions. Electric operation allows remote control with fewer points for maintenance, more precise adjustment including a range from 150 psi to15,000 psi, better resistance to washout damage, and reduced piping cost.

operational data and reporting for custom test stands

Data Acquisition for Analysis

Configured according to customer requirements, data captured during test stand operations can provide documentation of each single unit tested and a collection of data for predictive analysis of multiple units over a production run. In addition, operational data of the test stand can offer opportunities for monitoring and analysis for asset predictive maintenance periods.

large equipment testing facilities use blast resist cell enclosure

Blast Resist Cell Enclosure

Quad Plus recommends that large equipment tests facilities incorporate hardened or blast resistant enclosures for protection of equipment and personnel in the event of a catastrophic test failure. Units under large stresses can result in rapid discharge of pressurized fluids, toxic fumes and shrapnel depending on the magnitude of the test.

test stand and testing equipment on truck systems

Electric and Truck Test Cell

Cells for component level and installed products differ by the space and the support connections required. Truck mounted equipment receive lubrication and control connections from the truck systems. Location determines requirements for engine exhaust remediation.

truck cell shore power test cell and testing equipment

Truck Cell Shore Power

Testing electrically-powered systems may require support for MV and/or LV power feeds to support the shore power connections of mobile equipment such as E-Frac systems. Capacity of the power feeds depend on the type of testing to be completed within the test cell.

test requirements, research, and verify using flow loops

Flow Loops

Test requirements can include multiple flow loops to simulate varying conditions for component research or verification testing.

hydraulic test stands for oil and gas equipment manufacturer case study graphic

Test Stand for Hydraulic Fracturing High Pressure Pumps Case Study

A recent project consisted of a high horsepower test stand to validate hydraulic fracturing pumps following manufacture or repair. The scope of the project was to design, engineer, fabricate, and install a system at an existing facility to validate pumps of 1000 to 3000 HP with flow of up to 1400 gal/min @ 15000 PSI. Water provides a non-abrasive test material that undergoes continuous reclamation treatment for subsequent test sessions. Facilities included test bays for both individual component level units and transportable self-powered integrated systems to be validated. Component level facilities incorporate all pump support systems for lubrication, temperature mitigation, and sensor connections.

This project demonstrates the range of resources Quad Plus offers to ensure our customer’s ultimate success in serving their clients. From multiple engineering disciplines across divisions, project management for optimal execution, manufacturing of equipment fit for purpose, and overall integration, Quad Plus brings its extensive experience to meet your company’s needs.


Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our engineers have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your industrial control systems and production lines.

Let’s Get to Work

Our electrical systems integrators understand the complexities of a functional test stand. From ensuring safe conditions to analyzing the data captured during stand operations, Quad Plus has the industry experience and expertise to repair, retrofit, or replace your equipment. Once your project is complete, we provide ongoing support for all your components whether they were integrated by Quad Plus or others.

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