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Transformation – Part 1

March 28, 2017

Right from the source…

Thank you for your interest in the history of our CAD design development!

We are excited to share our story with you & will be happy to read your comments & answer your questions after you have read the entire story. Prepare to spend some good time with us.

As we look back at our CAD work before the year 2014, and compare it with what we have developed over the past couple of years, we realize it has been an absolute transformation.

Therefore, we chose the title, “Transformation,” for our story.

Honestly, we were very happy with our work before the changes took place. We thought we could not do any better. It turned out that it was only because we did not know any better. Basically, we did everything our skills allowed us to do at the time.

It appears to us now that we were living a very primitive CAD time before 2014. Yes, it was a primitive & basic CAD time. Moving from using the very basic CAD commands to create text, lines, & shapes to the intelligent features within the latest advancement in the CAD software world was a marvelous change.

Our journey through the CAD department will focus on many, if not all, the changes that took place over the years, and will explain the benefits of each change in detail.
keep in mind that on our way to the CAD department, we will stop at a few other departments that will help us learn more about our project development. Stay with us…

Since we are going to discuss some real work here, let’s review the stages involved in project development at Quad Plus:

When a project makes its way to Quad Plus, it is first received by Sales & Contracts for review. Once approved, the project goes to engineering, then transfers to CAD for development of schematic & mechanical drawings, and finally ends up in the shop where it gets built.

Although each department focuses on a certain part of the project, after sales approval, the work between Engineering, CAD, and the Shop overlaps throughout the entire project development. The three departments enjoy working together until the project is shipped to the customer.

You may wonder; however, about how the three departments work together and what parts of the project does each department handle?

Also, in the next section, we will visit each of the four departments and have them give us an overview of their duties and responsibilities towards project development.

Let’s first stop at the Engineering Department to see what they have to tell us about their role.