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Transformation – Part 2

April 4, 2017

Just got back from the Engineering Department. 

The time we spent with our Quad Plus Engineers was educational, enriching, and also fun!

It surely helped us gain a better understanding of our project development & view the work process from a different perspective.

An outline of what our engineers shared with us during our visit to the Engineering Department will provide you an overview of their role in the project development.

To be fair, we would like to mention that engineers play the largest & most important role in a project development…yep!  They certainly do.

Wondering how?  Take a look , but before we start, how much do you know about Electrical Engineering?  Would you like a definition?  Here you go…, Electrical Engineering by Wikipedia.

At Quad Plus, engineers assist the sales engineer with the quotation process.   

When the project gets approved, engineers team up with other parties such as project manager, engineer manager, sales manager, shop manager, and the CAD Department to discuss order detail and develop project agenda.

Engineers also study the project application to be able to design the control system accordingly.  Keep in mind that Implementing industry standards and safety requirements is also an essential part of the engineering responsibilities.  

Locating the right supplier and assuring the correct parts are available are crucial to the construction of the project.  Our engineers search for suppliers and make sure all assembly components will be available when project is ready to be constructed.

Engineers, nevertheless, create the project Bill of Material (BOM) and submit copies to purchasing, the shop, & CAD.  Purchasing uses the BOM to order the parts, the shop tracks the orders to assure arrival of all parts, and CAD creates the schematics and mechanical drawings in accordance with the BOM. 

During the development of the project drawings, Engineering supports CAD in resolving any problems or issues that may arise. 

Oops! It looks like we are back in the CAD Department.  The Drawings are now in our hands. 

Hmm, in this case, we may have to interrupt our story about the engineering role and stay with CAD for now. Please don’t think that was all we had to tell you about the engineering department.  We still have plenty to share with you, but later when we come across the right time for it.

We are now heading back to the CAD Department to enjoy another part of Transformation.

Coming Next Week: Transformation – Part 3