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Transformation – Part 3

April 10, 2017

Getting Started

When a project reaches our CAD Department desks, we, the CAD team, start developing the schematic and Mechanical drawing sets.  Let’s not forget, however, that back in the day – which is around the year 2014 and before, we could only develop the schematic part of the project drawings.  Upon completion, we submitted the drawing set to the shop to use in developing the Back-Panel layout.

Today, we are easily able to develop all drawings needed for any of the company’s projects J.  Ambition, commitment, & determination of the CAD team, along with Quad Plus Management’s support & guidance brought our CAD work great success during the time of development. 

And now, guess what… we are all ready to tell you about the amazing things that made a noticeable difference in our project development work since the year 2014. 

Join us in TRANSFORMATION – Part 3, and be prepared to learn about all the exciting items we’ve promised to share with you. 

But, wait a second… before we start – it might be a good idea to take a peek at what we mentioned in the first post of our CAD Department Development story.  We basically, want to remind you of our main discussion in that post, “Success,” which we agreed it was the goal that is shared by every living creature on earth.  Remember? 

Since this is posted on Quad Plus’s website, it makes sense that we once again use Quad Plus as an example to discuss the meaning of success.

Very seldom, do we hear of a company that authorizes its employees to do whatever they think may contribute to the improvement of the work environment and the overall productivity of the entire company. There is no doubt that the work space atmosphere has a tremendous effect on the company’s productivity. 

Sharing a pleasant work environment with courteous and respectful coworkers who provide great encouragement & support, certainly calls for limitless creativity and unique loyalty.  At Quad Plus, every single employee aims to the same goal: Success, which is sought & maintained at the individual and the company’s levels.

The CAD team at Quad Plus noticed the great privileges they were offered by their management.  The team realized their work was not only limited to what someone may ask another to do.  In fact, there is a lot more that can be done when an employee is encouraged to walk in any path that leads to the overall goal of success.

Nevertheless, Quad Plus engineering and management knew exactly what the CAD team was missing.  Upon discussion, Quad Plus engineering and management teamed up on the search for solutions.

Solutions? Hold on… solutions for what?  Did we even have a problem?  We obviously did not think there were any problems, but we certainly knew that our efforts could make a huge difference.   

Let’s move to our next post (Transformation – Part 3_Continues) to see why we were looking for solutions when we thought we had no problems that existed at the time.