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Transformation – Part 4

May 8, 2017

In transformation – Part 3, we wrote about the starting point of the CAD Department Development.  In this one, Transformation – Part 4, we have something new for you.  You are probably getting anxious right now about what this story is hiding for you.  We certainly understand, but please bear with us a bit because, at this point, we decided to slow down a little.  Want to know why?  It’s because of, listen…

From the Writer’s Perspective

Have you ever been in a situation where you had so much information to share that you were confused, or perhaps, wondered about where and how to start?  Well, just about an hour ago, I was looking back at what we shared with you so far and what we still want to share.  I realized that every single item on my list could easily get the priority of being first to talk about.  Ha… not sure where to start?

But, here is an idea.  How about… skip ‘em all!  I mean, only for now. 

As the writer of these posts, I’m thinking that I should probably share with you my perspective of the CAD Department Development story.  How does that sound?  Hold on, don’t rush into answering my question yet.  Let’s see first what I will come up with.  I am hoping it’ll be entertaining or, at least, interesting.

At some point during the process of writing these posts, I thought to myself, “What if Quad Plus had a writer who had no clue what CAD software was all about?”  Would this writer have looked at the CAD Department Development the same way I did?  Would he or she have appreciated the outcomes as I did?  It is kind of debatable.  I’m not sure that a writer with no previous knowledge of AutoCAD software would have appreciated this development as I do.

Yeah…, you may be thinking, “Why would she be different from the others?”  Or, you might have thought about it and figured it out already.  If you did, then yes, you are absolutely right.  I do understand CAD because I work with it and I know all about its amazing tools.

It certainly makes sense that writers choose topics that they are either familiar with or interested in.  Honestly, I never thought of writing these posts before Quad Plus management asked if I would be interested in posting something about the CAD Department Development. 

Do you know what I thought about the offer?  I thought it was awesome!  Yes, absolutely awesome!  I also thought I was privileged to be asked to work on such a pleasant task. 

Aside from understanding the CAD software as a CAD Designer/Instructor, I have always liked to help others learn about Autodesk tools and the magic they have brought to the world.  It would be so cool if everyone in the world understood what it means to work with CAD. 

CAD drafters who had memories of board and pencil drafting and the pain and difficulties it carried with it, surely have more appreciation for CAD drafting.  Many thanks to the great invention of Autodesk!

I now believe we can easily get to some interesting topics on AutoCAD software.  Our next post, Transformation – 5, will introduce you to the CAD software and its functions.  We want to give you an idea about AutoCAD before we tell you how we used it in our department.  Let’s move to Transformation – Part 5 where you will meet the software and explore our CAD world.