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Improved True Constant Tension Brush Arm Package

September 6, 2016

Quad Plus is excited to introduce the enhanced True Constant Tension Brush Arm package, ideally suited for longer run times and increased productivity. After undergoing more than two years of testing, we’re confident that this new brush holder has been truly perfected.

Learn more about how the new Quad Plus brush arm can increase your performance and profit!

Expertly Crafted for Fine Workmanship

Built and designed in the U.S., the success of Quad Plus brush arms relies on utilizing the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

We start with high quality brass, which is solid extruded and has constant force spring assemblies. Each package comes equipped with one set of 12 brush arms, one set of 48 brushes, and a commutator evaluation, which work to reduce maintenance costs and extend brush and commutator life.

Reap the Benefits in the Long Term

The benefits of using the Quad Plus brush arm extend further than the task at hand. When you wisely select our brush arm, you’re guaranteed less risk of commutator damage, and increased tension control for the entire life of your brush. Plus, with a heavy-duty integrated spring design, you’ll benefit from:

  • Decreased chance of springs popping out or binding up in the brush box.
  • Less downtime for more efficient production.
  • Reduced arc flash due to adjustable tension in the brush arm.

The Quad Plus Advantage

The new and improved brush arm has addressed a multitude of production challenges for smoother run times and consistent tension control. Prior to installation, we ensure true surface by performing a mandatory check and adjustment to commutator run-out. Overall, our new brush arm package ensures:

  • Fewer brushes (48 vs. 60)
  • A simple self-cleaning brush
  • Built-in brush wear indicator
  • Snap-together terminals and mounts
  • Individually replaceable and adjustable boxes

Rely on Quad Plus for the Finest Brush Arm on the Market

With exclusive features and streamlined performance, the new Quad Plus True Constant Tension Brush Arm Package provides the performance experience you need for optimal performance.

We invite you to visit our website at: to order your brush arm package today!