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Utility Distribution Networks from Water to Power Generation Services

Meeting the challenges of the water treatment and utility power industry is complicated and demanding. You need to maintain high system reliability, energy efficiency, and flexibility, all while keeping consumer pricing and service downtime low. The truth is you cannot do it alone. You need a strong network of reliable subcontracted partners you can count on to maintain and update your aging infrastructure with new technology. Quad Plus can provide dependable, quality services covering a vast number of service issues within the water treatment and utility industries.

utilities and power service solutions company

Why Quad Plus?

There’s no time for preventable delays when customers depend on you. Quad Plus understands that efficiency is essential. We have the expertise to provide high-quality, streamlined services such as electrical infrastructure design, installation, acceptance testing, power studies & on-site maintenance for electrical assets such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, protective relays and switches. We have NETA certified and PEARL certified technicians who are experts with low-, medium-, and high-voltage applications.

Maintenance Services

Servicing your power distribution system shouldn’t require multiple vendors. The Quad Plus team not only has decades of experience in every industry, but we’re also NETA certified and ready to provide the services you need to test, maintain, repair, and upgrade your equipment.

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Electrical Acceptance Testing

Critical utility and power facilities require a high degree of reliability, and acceptance testing provides proof that all specified requirements for function and design have been met. Commissioning is another step toward verifying the proper installation and operation of your system. Our NETA-certified technicians will perform a comprehensive examination of your equipment following installation and provide accurate, unbiased testing to ensure your interests are protected.

utilities professional engineering

Professional Engineering

Designing, planning, and building or upgrading a facility requires many moving parts to work in synchronicity to be completed on time and on budget. Professional engineering, project coordination services, and power studies are the right way to keep your project moving in the right direction and in a coordinated manner. Quad Plus provides all-inclusive, multi-discipline professional engineering services with mechanical, piping, electrical, civil, and structural engineering expertise.

utilities field service repair

Field Repair Services

In the water treatment and utility power industries, infrastructure resiliency is critical. With millions of water and electricity customers depending on your services, downtime can be dangerous. The Energy Information Administration estimates that the average customer experiences nearly four hours of service interruptions annually due to natural events alone! Being prepared is essential, and Quad Plus provides both onsite and remote support to accurately diagnose problems. Our team has the skills to repair, refurbish, and replace equipment, and we can provide you with parts for your drives, controls, and circuit breakers to keep you up and running.

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Power Services

Every water treatment and electric utility company needs reliable, optimized power systems for efficient, effective operations. The NETA certified technicians at Quad Plus are the ideal engineering team to maintain your facility’s electrical system.

When improved performance and safety are your priority, we offer standard or specialized power system studies, including pre- and post-installation power quality audits that are designed to precisely identify and correct your power issues. Our power studies also include short circuit, coordination, arc flash, power quality, and motor starting analysis, along with power storage solutions such as battery sizing calculations and studies.

Our high-voltage solutions offer substations to step down from the utility to a voltage you can utilize, making deployment and distribution easier. Medium voltage solutions—from pole-mounted transmission lines with insulators to underground duct banks that include transformers and substation relay settings—are right in our wheelhouse. Our team also has the knowledge to handle all the equipment loads for your electrical distribution system

Circuit Breaker Repair

At the heart of every power distribution system are the circuit breakers controlling the flow of power. These devices are critical for protecting your crew and your equipment from injury or damage. Your systems are vital to your operations, and preventive maintenance, inspection, evaluation, repair, reconditioning, and retrofitting are all part of the Quad Plus circuit breaker toolbox.

Achieving a long service life for your equipment is critical for meeting customer demands while staying on budget. We are equipped to work in virtually every environment and have been servicing safety and non-safety circuit breakers for more than 30 years. That means we have built relationships with manufacturers and have developed a unique sourcing process that allows us to supply parts for a variety of circuit breakers and switchgear, including obsolete parts.

Every circuit breaker repair service starts with a visual inspection, electrical testing, and analysis to spot problems. When issues are detected, defective parts are removed and replaced before a final test and inspection. We also provide circuit breaker refurbishment that includes complete disassembly, cleaning, plating, and painting when necessary.

utilities circuit breaker repair services
preventative drive maintenance and drive repair for utility companies

Preventative Drive Maintenance and Drive Repair

Regular drive maintenance is necessary to identify potential problems so you can take corrective action before a drive failure leads to dangerous and costly downtime. Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to extend the service life of your equipment, ensure your equipment is set up properly, and tuned and calibrated to provide the level of performance that your facility depends on. Quad Plus can make recommendations based on our initial preventative maintenance service to identify and source parts to maintain reliable operations.

Quad Plus also has a detailed process when performing preventive maintenance on a variety of drives. For most drive types, the process consists of disassembly, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down the drive. Then, we’ll evaluate the components and source any necessary products for replacement. We also have extensive experience with Siemens Masterdrives, and our preventive services include electronic assemblies, distribution assemblies, and DC-Link capacitors. We can also renew internal electronic assemblies when necessary. The final step for every drive is to verify operation prior to returning it to service.

Cable Testing

New cables must be tested to ensure they are safe to energize and will hold up during operation. Periodically testing your older cables that have been in service for some time will ensure they are safe and reliable while also gauging an older cable’s remaining life.

Quad Plus performs multiple testing types during acceptance testing of new installations and during maintenance testing of cables already in service. Very low frequency testing is used to check installation quality and places less stress on your cables than AC and DC high potential testing. Partial discharge testing is important for predictive maintenance programs, and Tan Delta testing helps identify deteriorating cables when deployed regularly. DC high potential testing is typically not recommended for older cables, but is still available when necessary.

The Quad Plus team can locate, isolate, and trace a cable fault on shielded cables. Our engineers have the experience to use the proper testing equipment along with the skills to interpret the data to ensure your cables are safe and reliable for operation.

utilities cable testing services
case study chicago water purification retrofit the city of chicago south water purification plant receives coordinated pump retrofit

Chicago Water Purification Retrofit Case Study

After nearly 80 years in service, we participated in a project to upgrade the pump control panels for seven synchronous and two induction motors for one of the City of Chicago Water Purification Plants. Due to the essential nature of their services, no downtime was possible; instead, one pump system was to be transformed every six weeks. We were partnered with several contractors to complete this tightly-coordinated, $45 million retrofit project that included engineering a package that could support a range of field currents for all seven motors. The project also included a specially engineered solution so spare parts and maintenance would be simple and efficient in the long term.

Working closely as part of a team is what we do best, and partnering with several suppliers to complete this project for the city was a challenge. We enjoyed demonstrating our teamwork as well as our expertise to custom-engineer solutions involving coordination with various suppliers and the general contractor for the project.

Water Treatment and Utility Power Solutions

Water treatment facilities and power utilities need a high level of system reliability, energy efficiency, and flexibility without driving up consumer prices and with minimal downtime. The challenges are demanding, but you don’t have to face them alone. The Quad Plus team has been providing dependable, proven services for more than 30 years.

We are proud to provide unparalleled service for critical services in the water treatment and electric utility industries. When you’re ready to partner with the best, it’s time to call Quad Plus.

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