OEM Trained VFD Repair Services

diagnose and repair problems with siemens drives and abb controls

Your issues expertly diagnosed, right down to the component level.

Then, we test them under load to be sure the repair is successful. We know that when your drives fail, there is no time for a lengthy repair process. What you need is a quick and reliable variable frequency drive repair center you can trust. With quality repairs and preventive maintenance, Quad Plus can provide VFD technical support onsite or remotely.

diagnose and repair problems with siemens drives and abb controls

The Quad Plus Repair Team Has Seen it All

Quad Plus is a third-party provider with broad power electronics experience that maintains electrical products. It not a part of, nor affiliated with, Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., or any of its subsidiaries, and does not carry an authorized designation by ABB.

industry trained machine repair experts

Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Solutions

The only thing worse than unexpected downtime is prolonged downtime. When other shops can’t find the answers and you need the right expertise for your systems, frustrations and tensions rise.

Add to that the sticker shock of high quotes for new equipment and weeks-long lead times from other shops, and it can seem like the right solution is impossible to find.

We offer a cost-effective alternative to replacement and offer expedited services that guarantee drive repairs in 2 to 3 business days.

Repair & Service Performed Nationwide

Expert Technicians

Quad Plus has the tools, ability, and experience to accurately diagnose problems with drives, controls, and circuit breakers. Our factory-trained engineers and support technicians are available 365 days a year.

Access to Resources

Our resources include manuals, guides, and schematics that give us the advantage when it comes to troubleshooting and repair. Plus, we carry a huge inventory.

Industry Experience

Our manufacturer-trained engineers and technicians have direct experience with OEMs such as Siemens, Control Techniques, Westinghouse, GE, ABB, and Rockwell, and many also maintain relationships directly with manufacturers.

Legacy Work

Our manufacturer-trained engineers can repair and support legacy controls, drives, and parts that OEM manufacturers have stopped supporting.

industry trained machine repair experts

Drive Repair & Drive Health

Our experts will diagnose issues with your drive system quickly, and manufacturer-trained technicians will complete repairs. All drives are put through a load stress test to ensure they will perform adequately and safely once back in production. Proper drive repair can extend the life of your drives by 5 to 10 years.

Technical Consulting

Immediate Answers to Your Questions

Are you experiencing issues with your control system, but concerned about changing settings? Our technical support team will discuss the problems and issues you are facing over the phone and via email. We can review fault codes, photos, and descriptions of the situation before sending you recommendations and documentation to resolve the problem. We will get you back up and running by pointing you in the right direction.

Remote Support

Instant Support for Your Systems

Our experts are available to provide remote support sessions that allow us to connect to your control systems to gather information, system alarms, and fault codes. For new customers, our senior engineers must complete the qualification process before we can connect to your systems. For safety reasons, we will not change any operating parameters or control sequencing, but make recommendations that will get you up and running.

Onsite Field Support

Expert Diagnosis & Repairs

Our technicians can also be dispatched to your location to provide onsite VFD technical support. Before heading to your site, Quad Plus engineers that specialize in your equipment will determine whether the drive can be repaired on site or must be sent in for repair. We can also offer retrofit options depending on your needs and budget. Our goal is always to provide quick solutions to reduce downtime.

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When You Need Solutions, Count on Quad Plus

siemens and abb drive tech support

Drive Repair Experts You Can Trust

Waiting For Drive Repairs is Too Costly

What can you do when the manufacturer says it will be weeks for a repair? Who can you call when you need answers instead of more questions? Who will understand how your unique system works? Every minute of downtime is costing you money and there’s no time for inexperience or long lead times.

A Partner Invested in Your Outcomes

You need access to professional VFD technicians who know your industrial systems, have experience with nearly any type of drive failure, and won’t charge unreasonable prices for an immediate repair. Together, we can solve the cause of your unexpected downtime so you can get back to work fast.

Your Problems, Solved

Quad Plus provides expert onsite services and remote support 365 days a year. Our goal is to solve your problems quickly and in the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective way. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty on all equipment repairs and services performed by our team.

Siemens, ABB, and Control Techniques Experience

Your equipment likely spans many brands and products. We service them all and have special expertise with these Siemens, ABB, and Control Technique drive product families.

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  • 6SE Masterdrives
  • 6RA Simoreg / DC Master
  • 6SE Micromaster / MM4
  • 6SL Sinamics
  • 3rW Softstarts
  • 6RA DC Sinamics
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  • ACS-880 VFD
  • ACS-800 VFD
  • ACS-550 VFD
  • DCS-800 VFD
  • DCS-550 VFD
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Control Techniques

  • Mentor MP
  • Unidrive SP
  • Unidrive M700 series
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  • CFW11
  • CFW11M
  • CFW500
  • SSW07
  • SSW900

Expert Solutions, Available 365 Days!

Quad Plus technicians are OEM trained and have access to an extensive library of OEM guides and schematics. We’re experienced in a variety of situations and you can count on us for all your diagnosis and repair needs. When you need onsite services and remote support, we’re available all day, every day.

More than just repair and service experts, Quad plus provides all the services in the system integration lifecycle. We’re your trusted partner for multi-discipline professional engineering, power services, system integration, and industrial safety.

Common Drive Issues:

  • IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) module
  • Thermal related issues
  • Bus voltage sense
  • DC bus capacitor
  • Power supply
  • SCR
  • Field control
  • Control circuitry
  • Internal communication


  • OEM specified parts, test equipment, and fixtures on site.
  • Original design documentation and repair procedures available.
  • Expertise in reforming bus capacitors, performing full load testing, and manufacturing original parts to exact design specifications.
  • Proficiency ensuring accurate drive functionality and proper thermal control.
  • Capacity for low voltage bench tests and high voltage motor tests.
siemens and abb vfd tech support

Yes, We Work in Your Industry

Every industry has its nuances and different working conditions mean unique problems for drives and equipment. Our professionals know what makes your systems unique, and we know how to understand your technical issues so you can get back to work fast.