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Web Gauging System Integrator

web gauging system

Quad Plus web gauging systems provide online thickness measurement to reduce variances of your flat products and materials during production. From pulp and paper mills to metal processing, our state-of-the-art web gauging scanner technology can seamlessly integrate into your existing control system and production line. We help you determine the correct technology, configure the frame for optimal performance, install the web gauging sensors, train the operators, and provide support. Our systems are a full turnkey solution with minimal downtime.

Why Quad Plus?

Our team of technology experts have both machine and process knowledge, which allow them to recommend the optimal web gauging technology for your application. Our team will partner with you from the beginning and will support the system after installation, giving you peace of mind that your new web gauging system will run properly. We have experience in many industries, including paper production, non-woven, extruded plastic sheeting, EPDM rubber calendar sheet, converting, asphalt roofing, metals, consumer packaging, and much more.

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Web Gauging System Solutions

Custom Scanning Frames

custom web gauging scanner

A variety of frames allow for customized gauging applications specific to your configuration.

Web Gauging Sensor Technology

web gauging sensors

Web gauging sensors are selected based on which technologies will work best with your operations.

Software and Reporting

web gauging system

Make use of the data collected to reduce waste and cut costs.

Web Gauging System Advantages

online thickness measurement

Long-term and real-time thickness, basis weight, density, moisture percent, and coating thickness measurement data can help improve your operations and profits.

Premium Installation and Support

web gauging system support

Qualified experts and technicians to support you throughout the entire process, from initial planning to after-installation support.

Custom Scanning Frames

Our web gauging scanner frames can be customized to fit the installation area and your specific requirements.


i frame styled web gauging scanner frame

The compact I-Frame design is used in applications that only require a single-sided gauging sensor, such as multi-layer thickness, moisture percentage, and coating thickness. To ensure proper alignment, the rails can be cut by a CNC machine.


o frame styled web gauging scanner frame

The O-Frame is used in applications that require a dual-sided gauging sensor technology, such as beta transmission and x-ray transmission. The top and bottom rails of O-Frames are optically aligned to each other to ensure precision alignment.


c frame styled web gauging scanner frame

The dual-sided sensor, C-shaped frame is used in applications where the web gauging scanner needs to be removed at times, such as an x-ray on hot rolling mills or when an ERS (external reference surface) is used in the system design.

Sensor Technology

web gauging sensor technology
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Once a scanning frame is selected, industrial gauging sensors are mounted and ride along the tracks, capturing multiple thickness measurements per second. In order to provide the best and most accurate web gauge system, we offer a variety of gauging sensor technologies such as BETA (Sr-90 and Kr-85), terahertz, x-ray, laser, color detection, microwave, and infrared. Our engineers will help you to determine which gauging sensor is best for your application.

Gauging System Software and Reporting

web gauging system software and reporting

We use the best web gauging software available on the market today. The software uses proven control algorithms to reduce startup waste, enable you to run closer to targets, and save on the amount of material used in the process.

During production, the software interprets data readings from the scanning frame and then presents the data to operators in an easy-to-understand display for the current production batch. This can allow them to identify issues as the line is running.

As the systems are scanning, data is stored in a database for further reporting and analysis after production. First, the reporting tools allow you to filter data down to the control zone to help identify issues in your production line. The problems can then be corrected to prevent further quality issues. Second, You can also compare the scans to each other to identify products that do not meet your quality standards, so you can pull these products before they are sent out. And, finally, real-time displays and reports can be customized, allowing you to focus on the data that matters most to your operations.

Improve Operations with a Web Gauging System

By adding a web gauging system to your production line, you can take advantage of many cost savings opportunities, such as reducing the amount of raw materials used, minimizing waste, and recognizing energy savings.

Maximize Raw Materials

maximize raw materials with web gauging systems

Our web gauging system allows continuous thickness measurements of your product to be monitored with such precision that you can reduce the thickness by as little as 0.01mm and realize significant annual savings. For example, in tire production, a typical plant might allow as much as a 0.025 reduction in gauge, resulting in over $1.2 million in annual savings.

Reduce Waste

web gauging system to reduce waste

Production defects cause waste and use resources such as raw material, labor, energy, and time. Defects provide no value to customers and have an impact on your bottom line. Our gauging systems give you the ability to identify defects in real-time, so you can correct issues sooner and minimize waste.

Improved Production

online thickness measurement to improve production

As your production line and web gauging system run in parallel, you'll be able to identify and correct product defects before they occur. Your output yield will be increased as your production line will run without serious interruptions and extended downtime.

Premium Installation, Training, and Support

installation and training for gauging systems

When you purchase a web gauging system from Quad Plus, you are getting much more than the hardware and software. You are partnering with a team of qualified experts and technicians that will be available to you throughout the entire process, from the initial planning all the way through to after-installation support. Our goal is to make your gauging system a success. We do that by providing the support team needed to select and install the best system to meet your needs, train your staff, and get the most out of your system. To learn more about Commissioning, please see our Commissioning Services page.

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Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our engineers have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your industrial control systems and production lines.

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Have we sparked your curiosity, but you still have questions about web gauging systems? Our expert technicians are available to dive deeper into the details and are ready to understand your production and gauging application needs. Let's work together to build a web gauging system that helps you improve production while realizing a return on investment.

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