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Your Drives Are Safe with Us

May 7, 2017

At Quad Plus we care about your drives and aim to provide a safe working environment for the sensitive electronics that your company depends on. Our state-of-the-art repair shop ensures the correct handling of your equipment so you can rest assured that devices are functional right out of the package once you receive your repaired shipment.

Electronic Static Discharge (ESD) Damage is a major cause of certain electronic components and assemblies failing while in the field and during repair. With the correct prevention, damage to your equipment from static electricity can be eliminated.

Static charges are created when non-conductive materials (those materials that do not pass electricity) are separated. Think about when a plastic balloon is picked up and rubbed on an article of clothing. Both items by themselves won’t pass electricity but once the materials are separated from each other a very large quantity of static electricity is created generating a potential or voltage difference between the materials. These charges are enormous and create havoc within electronics.

ESD damage can happen in isolated spots when working with electronic devices affecting localized circuitry if mishandled. The entire situation becomes worse when ambient humidity levels are low as electricity is able to be transmitted through the air easier. At Quad Plus, our workbenches are outfitted with an ESD Protective Work Surface where your drives are handled with care. Having a protective grounded surface while repairing drives allows Quad Plus to maintain a level of quality control that protects your equipment from damage that would result in immediate failure or degradation of the component functions.

Quad Plustechnicians use grounding wrist straps in contact with skin when troubleshooting and soldering sensitive components. Our chairs have grounding chains to help dissipate any stray static electricity picked up in our shop.

When a balloon is removed after rubbing on a carpet’s surface, a charge is created but the material has the ability to lose charge over its entire surface. This is called surface resistivity and it is also very much dependent on relative humidity levels. Surface resistivity is a parameter Quad Plus uses to select the highest quality protective equipment that allows for instant static charge dissipation within milliseconds. Quad Plushandles and packages sensitive electronic boards using static dissipative packaging materials to protect your equipment. 

Your drives are safe with us!