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Zentel Tech Optimizes Rare Book Storage HVAC

April 10, 2019

Zentel Tech was contacted by the director of commissioning for a world renown institution to investigate issues with the HVAC in their rare book storage. Zentel Tech reviewed all of the information and equipment. The initial complaint was that the heat was being carried over to the supply air from the desiccant regeneration system causing the temperature to rise in the rare book storage. A secondary issue was the motor for the desiccant wheel failed due to the motor leads overheating.

Zentel Tech proposed a review of the air system performance to evaluate the overall system conditions. During the investigation it was determined that there was insufficient return air from the book storage area that limited the units performance. It was also determined that the insufficient return airflow created excessive pressure differential between the supply air and the return air causing the air to by-pass the desiccant wheel causing excessive temperature condition for the desiccant motor and increased supply air temperature.

This situation is typical in a lot of mechanical systems. Very simple problems appear complex until the root cause can be discovered and corrected. Zentel Tech has the expertise from our critical environments work to efficiently diagnose and repair the issues that keep your system from optimal performance.

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