Power Quality Analysis And Load Monitoring That Works

power quality analysis technician

The looming threat of electrical hazards

With your valuable equipment at risk, the constant threat of electrical fires and damage adds complications to facility management. The fear of sudden blackouts has you looking for solutions to safeguard assets and ensure uninterrupted productivity.

Managing energy costs is a constant headache because inefficiencies can lead to huge utility bills and get in the way of operations. The frustration increases with the continuous responsibility of identifying overloaded circuits and assessing available capacity for additional equipment.

Compliance with strict electrical codes is non-negotiable and poses a significant risk if standards aren’t met. The lack of clarity with system compliance creates uncertainty and can expose your business to potential hazards and regulatory issues.

You’re worried that your space may be a ticking time bomb of electrical risks.

power quality analysis technician
power quality analysis

The power of knowing

Understanding and managing the electricity flowing into your business is not only empowering but will leave you with a sense of relief.

Having a comprehensive solution will ensure a stable power supply, identify potential issues, and monitor energy consumption

By preventing blackouts, optimizing energy usage, and addressing a wide range of electrical concerns you’ll save money and resources.

Imagine having the invaluable insights you need to exceed code requirements, achieve long-term safety and, most importantly, give you peace of mind.

Going that extra mile

At Quad Plus, our Power Quality Analysis service was built to take you above and beyond.

Unlike typical Load Monitoring, our service captures data points every second to provide a more detailed picture of your electrical power.

Forget the trouble of permanent metering – our installations offer a cost-effective solution, saving you from annual logging or investing in expensive monitoring systems.

Our engineers have hands-on experience that guarantees a safe and streamlined installation on live equipment.

It’s not just about information; it’s about getting the right information in a way that’s practical and tailored to your needs.

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Here’s what our happy customers are saying:

“Quad Plus Testing’s ability to install, analyze, troubleshoot and recommend power solutions has made them an integral electrical partner for us and our customers.” – Dan P., Electrical Contractor

Specialized Expertise Across Industries

Our engineers are not just trained by manufacturers; they bring a wealth of knowledge across various sectors. With hands-on experience in thousands of control systems and production lines, they collectively make us an unparalleled service provider in the field.

Power Quality Analysis/Load Monitoring

Discovery unparalleled efficiency with our Load Monitoring Service.

By strategically placing instrumentation at key points, we measure current, voltage, power usage, power factor, harmonic distortion, and frequency for a complete electrical assessment.

Our continuous monitoring, conducted over periods like three, seven, or 30 days, gives you a dynamic understanding of your system, allowing us to compare load values.

The proactive approach identifies overloading issues and assesses available load for potential circuit additions, guaranteeing optimal and safe electrical operations.

Experience reliability like never before.

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With our comprehensive load monitoring, you’ll:

  • Get continuous monitoring, allowing for early detection of potential issues that will increase timely intervention to prevent equipment failures
  • Identify opportunities to enhance energy efficiency by analzying current, voltage and power factors that will lead to cost savings
  • Have load values compared to NEC ampacity tables so that your electrical system adheres to national standards
  • Gain valuable insights for planned expansions with assessment of potential circuit additions, facilitating a seamless integration of new equipment