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control system engineering for rubber and plastics industry

Expert Solutions for Industrial Roofing and Tires

Quad Plus is a leading industrial plastic and rubber system integrator providing sectional drive systems and industrial process automation systems (PAS) for rubber, plastics, and film Industries. Our fully integrated solutions include project engineering, project management, conceptual design, panel manufacturing, system hardware, installation services, and commissioning services. Plus, our dedicated service engineers will provide after-sales service on-site or remotely so you stay up and running.

Our in-depth knowledge of the rubber and plastics process allows us to provide the best solution for the specific applications.

control system engineering for rubber and plastics industry

Why Quad Plus?

When you need the best solutions for your specifications, you can trust the knowledge and expertise of the Quad Plus team. We take the time to understand your requirements first, then create a 3D model to make sure your needs are met before implementing solutions. We build integrated systems from the ground up, and partner with major hardware manufacturers to guarantee solid controls, quick sourcing, and fair pricing.

Rubber and Plastic System Solutions

No matter what stage of industrial roofing system integration you are in, we can help. Our service team has the expertise to build, power, and maintain every system from the most clear-cut setup to the most complicated. We have proven concepts that have been successfully applied to mixing, compounding, extrusion, calenders, winding, tire building and thickness measurement, and control gauging solutions.

analyze and engineer your rubber and plastic production control system

Proven Process Design

Our design process begins with 3D modeling so we can solve problems before production begins. Whether you are supplying the specs or our team is working directly with your maintenance team to analyze existing equipment, we will diagram solutions and plan the next stages.

plastic production control system cabinet


During the early stages of your build, we begin with prototype development to identify problems before they happen. That way, we can test multiple theories on a small scale to save money and provide greater accuracy with your final installation.

turnkey control system services for rubber and plastics industry

Turnkey Integration

Coordinating with multiple vendors is frustrating and stressful at best. We also offer complete system integration via interfacing with many converting peripherals including web guide systems, coating delivery systems, dryers, treaters, UV & E-beam curing, and gauging systems.

repair service on rubber and plastic control systems

Premium Support

We offer secure, remote diagnostics to jump-start the on-site repair process and keep downtime to a minimum. Plus, our partnerships include control systems part manufacturers to ensure speedy deliveries and fair pricing.

What We Do

We are your industrial roofing partners with experience in setting up and maintaining machinery for extruded roofing roll production such as EPDM rubber, TPO, and PVC types.

new rubber and plastic control system installations for industrial roofing

New Capital Installations

If you’re purchasing new machines, we work directly with the OEM to provide controls to run the equipment. Or, we can work with previously purchased new equipment and provide complete integration solutions.

rubber and plastic industrial roofing system integrator


Modernize old, functioning equipment with new controls and process automation to get better performance, increase output, higher reliability, and up to a 50 percent boost in capacity.

Rubber and Plastic Sheet Roofing

We are your industrial roofing partners with experience in setting up and maintaining machinery for extruded roofing roll production such as EPDM rubber, TPO, and PVC types.

epdm industrial roofing control system integrator


Consistency is critical for extruded rubber processes and our professionals will ensure a uniform thickness for your sheet rubber extrusion. Plus, our engineers will ensure the highest quality EPDM rubber roofing by analyzing your system and recommending improvements.

tpo plastic industrial roofing production system integration


Plastic extruded roofing types also demand precision and control. Our experts will analyze your TPO and PVC extruded roofing systems to make sure your final products meet the most exact specifications.

We also work with controls for asphalt shingles. Learn more here: Building Products.

control systems engineering for tire production


Our team of process experts will improve your tire production lines by analyzing and identifying problems and inaccuracies. We calibrate the controls to enhance the performance of thicker and narrow web applications including embedded steel or fabric.

Rubber and Plastics Case Studies

Services Available

Quad Plus offers a wide variety of services to assist you no matter where you are in the system integration lifecycle. For new builds, we offer design and project management services, for existing plants, we can make your operation run smoother and more efficient. For plants with obsolete control systems, we can assist with retrofits and upgrades. No matter your business need, we have you covered!

automation system integration life cycle

Let’s Get Connected

Whether you’re looking to bring outdated rubber and plastic manufacturing equipment up to current standards of accuracy and productivity or need to design a new control system for your workflow, we can help. Our team has years of experience optimizing rubber and plastic manufacturing lines. Once your control system project is complete, we stand by our work and our experts will support your installation so your manufacturing line stays up and running.

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